The Castaway

Life is a pursuit of happiness for some, and the search for money and power for others and these two goals are not always synonymous with each other. We often find ourselves beginning these journeys without ever knowing ourselves as separate and unique individuals. We copy the behavior that we like and disregard that which is displeasing in other people. Such behavior while viable is a shortcut to existing within the human framework we call society. Living in this manner is detrimental to personal happiness and identity. We all view the world through slightly different lenses, colored with the hue of our own biases and desires. Finding oneself among so much fabrication and betrayal is difficult and a very different journey for each person.

When a person lives their life based on fabricating their own identity, they end up feeling empty and alone as no one truly knows them as they can’t even define themselves.  As the colossal fools that we all are at some point in our lives we all find that we blur the lines between fact and fiction, obscuring truth from not only those we meet but in the end from those we love. Despite the pain that such illusion generates, we persist in playing along in this delusion with everyone else on earth. We are all too happy to project an idyllic image of our existence to the world and yet can’t the spare time to make such ideas a reality. Life is the never-ending popularity contest where popularity is chosen by who lies the biggest and the most often.

We are for the most part an unhappy people, which is why we must create projections of what we imagine the world wants to see. For true happiness exists when we no longer care what the world sees, but only what is pleasing to us and those we love. We question why friendships often let us down. Is it any wonder when everyone on earth is playing a game the belies the truth and misrepresents reality to such a degree that everyone is always playing catch-up with phantoms. Most often the people we meet are collections, cheap facsimiles of copious amounts of character flaws that have been copied and reproduced ad nauseum for centuries as people are nothing if not great imitators.

We can be individuals without conformism. We shouldn’t just exist to please everyone’s perceptions, but instead, as productive members of a society made up of individuals. Often, people surrender their autonomy to what they perceive to be the expectations of others, and by doing so never genuinely know themselves and do a tremendous disservice to the world. The significant advancements throughout history were always made by people that “society” called crazy. They were only crazy in the perceptions of polite society because they failed to conform to perceived societal standards. These people were themselves, without apologies and were labeled “eccentric.” Where would we be without such people?

We would probably be living in tents and fighting over scraps. We wouldn’t have the great western philosophers to look back on, though the vast majority died for failing to conform to societies standards. Those that don’t comply are almost universally killed, so why would I encourage nonconformist behavior? Western society isn’t perfect, but it didn’t kill all of its “eccentrics” just the majority, and many lived long enough to contribute significantly to the advancement of the human race. Other societies kill anyone with a different set of beliefs or behaviors, and that is why Western Society advanced at a more rapid pace than others on this Earth. The individual, the person not afraid to think outside the box is what makes the western world a powerful one. As we descend into the conform or die climate due to political correctness and other political motivations, we risk becoming stagnant and regressing to tribalism and constant warfare among each other and indeed anyone that is different.

To be great is to allow individuals to exist, diversity of thought is our real strength. The ability to wake each day and ask what If? Conforming to an arbitrary set of rules dreamt up by wholly unimaginative drones created by a morally corrupt and totalitarian leaning collectivist society is sacrilegious, abhorrent, and it stifles innovation and genius. The world needs innovators, inventors, the eccentrics of the world; it doesn’t need modern day pilgrims masquerading as social justice warriors to stifle those that dare to dream. We are a country built on rugged individualism, and if we don’t revere that fact, we might find ourselves a country destroyed by pandemic Bolshevism.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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