Appearances and all that….

We live in a world where appearance is everything. It goes to such extremes that substance no longer matters to many, just the semblance of something substantial. If one can appear to be benevolent, then they consider themselves, thus, while never bothering to put in the work required to be what they project. Work a term that most trumpet but never actually do, instead they spend half of their lives seeking to avoid any real effort of any kind. They rail against the injustice of the world’s persecution; persecution they believe has been unjustly wrought at the hands of seeds they have sown. A world where everyone is only too happy to imitate the haphazard approach to life that so many seem to propagate.
We live our lives set one against another, all while smiling and pretending to love our fellow man. A fraction of us comprises what is, in effect, a minority. We are the ones that feel born out of time, disconnected phantoms of a long-forgotten past. We glide from one illusion to the next, hoping to find a crumb of truth or anything authentic, but instead, we see more phantasms. Throngs that exist as cheap facades, imitations of what humanity should be, but never entirely made manifest before the eyes. The old souls, the loners, the intuitive, only see wisps of existence. The singular hope that keeps us moving forward is to find that one true refuge, one like no other that sees the world as we do and offers real love and affection, a safe harbor from this perpetual hell of idiocy.
That refuge is out there. It can be found, and once discovered, it will make all of the suffering and the enduring of the cheap dime novel characters that many affectionately call people worth it. Life all too often is like some low budget film; all the class of a wino and even fewer manners. We all have a purpose, it can be a painful journey for those of us that are observant and understand the depths of depravity to which humanity has become submerged. The outcasts, those with a gift not given to all, have a burden, unlike all the rest. We see what others don’t, we feel the things that others can’t or lack to capacity to feel. We spot the lies, the little deceptions played out daily, not just those inflicted upon us but all the ones inflicted upon those we know.
We often can’t communicate what we know to the people we choose to care about, because they don’t understand us. We find ourselves alienated from what many call ordinary people. To these “normies,” we are the crazy ones because we are different, we don’t conform to a society that no longer honors truth and integrity. It pays lip service to all the right ideas, but when it comes time to put up or shut its everyman for himself. Loyalty is just another illusion in a society built upon foundations of sand. This isn’t merely a critique of modern society, but historically as well.
All power structures follow similar patterns. Whether it be a social hierarchy, government, private institutions, and even religious foundations. Each creates adversarial roles among its constituents, ensuring that only the coldest and heartless among us ever rise to leadership roles. You have to be willing to crush the other fellow’s hopes and dreams so that you might realize your own, assuming that your dream is power. My goal has never been power. I dream only for love, acceptance, honesty, and peace every day and a place to hide away from the world with someone worthy of a love as strong as mine. Those of us that have found people difficult, those that are different, we are unique and very worthy of that place of refuge. There is a heart out there that yearns for each of us, for we are different because we were designed that way with purpose. Life is learning, and love is a journey, not merely a destination.

The Castaway

Life is a pursuit of happiness for some, and the search for money and power for others and these two goals are not always synonymous with each other. We often find ourselves beginning these journeys without ever knowing ourselves as separate and unique individuals. We copy the behavior that we like and disregard that which is displeasing in other people. Such behavior while viable is a shortcut to existing within the human framework we call society. Living in this manner is detrimental to personal happiness and identity. We all view the world through slightly different lenses, colored with the hue of our own biases and desires. Finding oneself among so much fabrication and betrayal is difficult and a very different journey for each person. Continue reading “The Castaway”

Reality:What is it really?

We have all got our notions of what constitutes reality. Philosophy tells us that reality is both subjective and objective. Science seems to embrace the objective nature of reality while acknowledging the limits of our perceptions. The objective is, of course, that which we can see, touch, and manipulate physically. Subjective reality relies on how each perceives the world based on personal bias, previous experience, and often what the viewer expects to see. Reality is far more complex than the average person cares to entertain within the limited scope of their existence. Instead, the vast majority are content to progress towards eventual extinction never questioning why or how they came to be or what if any meaning can be ascribed to life as we know it.

Continue reading “Reality:What is it really?”

Faith in People/Movements

Faith can be a beautiful thing to have. If we love someone implicitly then we put our trust and faith in their steadfastness. Faith that is placed in the fallible though is very likely to disappoint us in a myriad of ways. We place faith in our elected representatives to faithfully represent us, to be our voice to advocate our values. What we have unfortunately discovered is that most people forget to be our voice and instead act in their own interests and of those more affluent than themselves. Movements spring up across our nation promising change, what we usually end up with is the status quo in new clothing. New faces are simply compilations of those that came before them, nothing is new under the sun.  Continue reading “Faith in People/Movements”

How to recognize the Narcissistic Manipulator

Throughout life, we encounter numerous types of people. As we approach middle-age, we begin to realize that variety among our peers is in short supply. People tend to learn by mimicking others and originality is merely a word with little meaning in modern society. However, we encounter those frequently in life that would be classified as toxic or a negative influence on the quality of our lives. These people operate under a separate set of rules than the rest of us. They are narcissistic, and use Intel they glean in various ways to manipulate their targets into a form of servitude. They take many forms and wear many masks but here today I hope to shed light on the darkness of the narcissistic manipulator. Continue reading “How to recognize the Narcissistic Manipulator”

Do we get the Government we deserve?

A phrase that one occasionally hears tossed about is that citizens get the government they deserve. Whatever metric we choose to measure it by this would seem to be apt in so many ways. A vocal segment of the population is responsible for putting people into power and re-electing them. This segment is a minority of our country’s citizens. They get the government they want, and those of us that are apathetic to the whole process get the government we deserve because we refuse to engage in the future of our country and our children. We care about our children on the local level but fail to effect lasting change that will affect the lives of our children and their children long after we are gone. Continue reading “Do we get the Government we deserve?”

Question Everything

As a people, we get wrapped up in our everyday lives and sometimes forget to investigate the extraneous information to which we are exposed. It is easy just to watch the evening news and take their words as the honest truth, especially if it confirms our personal beliefs. Confirmation bias does play a vital role in the inherent ignorance that permeates from the pores of the social structure. Modern day humans have access to more information than at any other time in history, and yes, many of it is false. The truth, however, is hidden under layers of a fabricated existence, and it can be found. We should question everyone, and everything, no one is infallible or without an inherent bias. Continue reading “Question Everything”