Fairy Tales

The advent of social media has enabled us to stay in touch with our families, and share moments of our lives with those that care. It has been a helpful tool in keeping up with local events. It allows us to share content that we deem important to a large audience. Entire movements have been constructed just from the simple contacts generated by the membership. Continue reading “Fairy Tales”


Halloween is a tradition we have adopted here in the western hemisphere. As children, we would love to dress up as ghouls and patrol the neighborhoods for candy and mischief. That magical night we could pretend to be someone else, and seem almost transported to another dimension. It was filled with fun and exploration and the camaraderie of youth. When we grow up the natural inclination might be to throw away those masks. Continue reading “Masks”

Ode to the Self-Centers of the Universe

I sometimes have trouble sleeping and it’s not from lack of fatigue. Indeed, it is an abundance of fatigue, a fatigue of societal ills. This compels me at times, to write. Writing seems to be the one true refuge of an exacerbated mind.

A very good friend of mine and I have been discussing the complete apathetic nature of society. We have even discussed at times how that apathy can sometimes bleed over and into an otherwise honorable person. I can not claim to bear the cross of righteousness, but I can say that I do worry about a decaying of morals within myself as well as those around me. Continue reading “Ode to the Self-Centers of the Universe”