Progressive Retrogression

Existence is a minefield, dotted with pitfalls aesthetically differing yet familiar in their consistent and constant barrage upon our consciousness. From birth we strive forward unsure of our place in the world, believing that we might gain sufficient wisdom with which to avoid our previous follies. Instead, as creatures of habit, we find ourselves drawn by invisible forces towards repeated violations of our well being. As we each differ slightly, we fall into traps seemingly constructed just for ourselves. We’ve been told that experience is the greatest teacher and we are but unwilling students. Still learning to avoid the desires of our souls that so often lead to calamity is a struggle without end. 

Their insecurities control each man and woman, driven by a sub-conscious mind that seeks to fill a void we all detect within ourselves. It is rare that a person ever fills this void whether it be real or just a construct of the mind. As a selfish creature, we seek out that which will better our living conditions, and almost always find ourselves wanting more. Thus, we are never satisfied for very long and are consistently at odds with our fellow man and the natural order of life. This is why we seek to dominate others and control their actions so that we might gain something that others lack.

Many will grandstand against this type of behavior while vociferously pursuing it in their own lives. So we live in a world dominated in totality by the selfish whims and ambitions of a human race just smart enough to be a danger to themselves and other forms of life that cohabit this planet. We are often our own worst enemies, and the majority of problems that arise within a person’s life arise from our selfish nature. For example, many of our laws are not designed to merely punish bad behavior but to enrich those responsible with overseeing the adherence to written law. It’s why we have speeding tickets, instead of a max speed upon vehicles so that the state may enrich itself at the expense of those that call it home. It is also why we as citizens born into a country by birthright must be forced to pay taxes and get a license to do things we already by birth have a right to do. We pay the state so that we, not the state can continue to exist. This is why so often when people choose to go off the grid some reasoning is found to make them conform to “societal” standards, primarily so that the government may have its pound of flesh.

This is not some diatribe against government influence, but God knows that as a conservative I believe in small government. This is instead a diatribe against the selfishness and pettiness that is displayed on a regular basis by all people. We as people constitute our government and local municipalities. If a problem exists within the institutions that we rely upon to have a functioning Republic, then the blame lies squarely with every one of us. We conduct ourselves daily for selfish gain and act surprised when the government treats its citizenry as commodities to be bought and sold. We treat life as a game, we act as if we can get out alive, and that some grand prize awaits for accomplishing dreams that will never end while crushing the hopes of any foolish enough to stand between us and what we desire.

If life at some point on this planet perishes in its entirety, it will be from the selfish greed I’ve written about here. People have always been greedy, that is a given, but with modern technology offering us quicker and more efficient means of raping and pillaging we are fast approaching a nexus of greed and self-indulgence. As technology advances ever quicker towards a zenith that will bring about tremendous change, the human race is in severe retrograde. We plug into the future while simultaneously unplugging from our spirits and this is why the modern world is increasing it’s rate of decline exponentially. We are like the famed Atlantians, perhaps thousands of years from now if a people still inhabit this planet we will be the subject of myth and legend.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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