Who can you rely on?

Our existence is a trial from which there is no escape. We all lose in the end. Time ravages all it touches from the highest peaks to lowest valleys. The human condition is one of continuous degradation at the hands of time, other people, and frequently ourselves. We feel besieged from every angle, and even imagine a multitude of horrors that never manifest creating a constant sense of urgency in our lives. Time, an illusion created by humanity ironically becomes his greatest enemy. Throughout our meager existence, we seek allies with which to face adversities that have been primarily forged by our fellow human beings.

The human condition is based on a more primitive existence in which baser instincts were needed to survive. Subconsciously, I believe we approximate these conditions in modern society. Our psyches are not as evolved as we like to imagine, and as we face no credible threats from animals and indeed the environment, we manufacture difficulties to challenge ourselves and our fellow humans much to our detriment. The idiocy of modern life can’t be quantified except to say that we as human beings cause the majority of our problems.

Time an idea created by man to measure or quantify his existence and that of the planet we occupy is but an illusion with no real meaning. Time implies a continuous and uninterrupted stream of reality. Conversely, scientists tell us that the universe didn’t exist and suddenly came into being due to the Big Bang Theory. If time exists as we understand it, then it would be counter-intuitive for the engine that created it the “universe” to have a beginning and an end. We struggle each day against a concept we don’t entirely understand and feel as if we are running out of something intangible, something we can never get back. When in fact we never possessed it, because we do have a beginning and end, we just don’t know where or when that end will take place.

As humans if we’ve existed longer than twenty years or so we should understand that we constitute the greatest threat to ourselves and others. Therefore seeking allies in such an environment could be and usually is as dangerous as charging headlong into your known enemies. We continue to yearn for that companionship, one that we believe will lift us up from despair and make us capable of living happy and productive lives. If we are ever to have any of those things we must first recognize our faults and learn to love ourselves and know in our hearts that we are better than the pettiness and shallowness that currently threatens to swallow mankind whole.

At the end of the day the one person you can rely on is you, but only if you love yourself and recognize the greatness within that has been waiting to emerge. When you discard this need for allies against the tortures that humanity has foisted upon itself and know in your heart that you are vigorous and capable you will not need or desire confederates. Ironically, such a stance will earn you more circumstantial allies that you ever had while seeking such out. The mind is the most powerful tool we possess, and we must learn to master it and all its intricacies. The subconscious powered by primitive instincts musn’t be allowed to take over control of our everyday existence. Animal instincts are not needed except in cases of combat and life or death situations. We are the masters of ourselves, and as soon as each of us take hold of the reigns of our existence we will have happiness and stability in our lives without forever searching for some external source of contentment

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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