The Irredeemable

The heart goes where it wills. We often find ourselves led about as if controlled by puppeteers, due to the desires of our heart. The heart is big and all-encompassing in its capacity for darkness and light. We fill our hearts with love and despair, hate and disgust. A world where good and evil can exist within one soul, and where the greatest acts of love and evil can be carried out by the most malevolent and benevolent of us all. The soul becomes imbalanced within many of us, and we lose our way. Some find their way back from the encroaching darkness in time to save themselves from deliberate destruction. Many of those that darken the path to hate and despair never find their way out and self-destruction and destruction of those around them become as automatic as drawing breath.

We sometimes find ourselves drawn in by an innate sentimentality that overrules the powers of reason and creates within us a desire to redeem that which is lost forever. People can be saved, but not by you or me. They must choose the path to redemption and tread that path through determination and willpower. We sometimes imagine ourselves saviors of the downtrodden, but those that trample upon the remnants of their hearts, have no room left in them for the ministrations of well-meaning people. They will only use any acts of kindness to reinforce and further their agenda of self-loathing and destruction.

So given that we can not save those that desire it not, we are but bystanders in a tragic screenplay, a slow-motion death of those we once loved. Demons become manifest before them by their own hands, and they cry to the world for salvation, which is within them the entire time. We shed tears of silence within our souls as the person we once knew slowly evaporates before our eyes. Our hearts become hardened against the perpetual suffering of our fellow man, and we are after all powerless to effect change within the hearts of others. We begin to question the sanctity of our hearts as we shield our eyes from the carnage inflicted upon a once vibrant human being. Misery does indeed love company though, and any attempts to be a knight in shining armor will be met by a plea to join in voluntary immolation.

The past can be seductive, and our memories of those we knew all the more enticing. The ghosts of our pasts are just that, specters of dreams and desires unfulfilled. We look back and remember what was and sometimes fail to see what is before our eyes. We can’t entertain the past in a person without a future, for they whether wittingly or unwittingly will take all hope and compassion from you so that they may have justification for their accelerated descent into hell on earth. You have no choice but to step back and look out for those that can be salvaged, those with a desire to positively impact the lives of others and themselves. None of us can claim the title of savior until we save ourselves from those without hope and purpose. We are our heroes, and we must shut those out that negatively impact themselves and others. It may be harsh, but it is preferable to watching a poor reality play that involves the destruction of those we once knew.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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