The Old Familiar Road

We enter this world by no choice of our own. Once we become cognizant of ourselves, we greet the world with wonder and fascination. We are not quite human in the sense we have yet to be touched by the evils of this world. We view everything through the lens of naivety. We are encouraged once we can communicate to dream big and dream often. We imagine what we will become in a world that to us seems so full of hope and love. The imagination of a child is beautiful and doesn’t deserve to be spoiled by the harsh realities that persist in life. That comes later and far too often.

As we proceed through the years and encounter puberty this change, we must all endure we discover for the first time the nature of others and the underlying nature of ourselves. The teenage years are fraught with emotional turmoil and confusion, but even as the veil lifts from the world, we cling to the childish ideals we once held so dear. We also learn that one’s dreams don’t always come true. We might fall in love pursuing it with the passion and the heart of a child and find ourselves rejected and distraught. Still, we fight and continue to grow, sure that when we reach adulthood that we will be more seasoned and more readily able to deal with the peculiarities of life.

We enter adulthood molded from our young experiences and setbacks. We imagine that we have life figured out and that with control will come peace and stability. We quickly forget the mistakes of yesterday and deign to embark on new journeys of enlightenment and affairs of the heart. The choices we make do indeed have a lasting impact on the future we behold. What we have yet to realize at this early stage, that one’s ambitions can only get you so far, and we reach a crossroads. We discovered the selfishness in ourselves and even observed it in others. As adults, we find out the true nature of us humans. One can be selfish without sacrificing the welfare of other beings. However, in adulthood, those we once held up as heroes, are all too ready to sacrifice anyone and everything to meet their selfish ambitions. No plan survives contact with the enemy(other peoples ambitions.)

As we reach middle-age, we become cynical and question the motives of others and even ourselves. Decisions that we would once make with little thought for the future we now agonize to implement. We become wary of new ventures and seek comfort by the devil we know rather than risk some new form of debasement at the hands of others or at times it seems the universe itself. We find ourselves drawn to old haunts and old loves. We know the dangers we face at least from the familiar. It’s a trap that many of us fall in and sometimes struggle to escape. The familiar seems safe, even if that usual thing has caused us nothing but grief. We become disillusioned by these old choices we keep making and sometimes withdraw into ourselves for an escape that can only be found by standing up and living again.

Life is a series of challenges, and then you die. I have to believe that a purpose exists, that somewhere in all this chaos is meaning. A meaning so pure that it will drive away all the evils that humanity has suffered. We become stagnant in our choices because we fear ourselves, not the world in all its harshness. We lose hope and begin to believe that we are the problem when we are the one real solution. No battle should ever be so hard that we forget to live on afterward. Many battles will come, and they will go, and we only must fight each day towards a truth that must undoubtedly await us on another plane of existence. The meaning of life is fighting on until you have no strength left and do no harm to others or yourself unless its necessary. Live with honor and integrity and know that love and kindness do exist tucked away in small pockets of hope across the desolate wasteland of broken dreams we leave behind. We are but instruments of a higher purpose, and we must not dishonor ourselves or our ancestors by retreating behind some barricade hiding from humanity.  We must live so we can learn to love deeper and hold the precious moments in our hearts in times of uncertainty. Cynicism, anger, and doubt should be saved for those that place selfishness above honor and integrity, let us greet each day as the day we make the world a better place.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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