The Mediocre

Life is spent pursuing happiness and security for one’s self and family. We fight daily not in open warfare but compete with our fellow humans for valuable resources. It would simply be a case of survival of the fittest but for one small detail. Sentimentality that is procured through relationships often forged as a means of advancement. Far to often hard work is looked over in favor of those that say the right thing and blow the proper amount of smoke up the right orifices. We find ourselves surrounded by individuals that in a truly equal opportunity world would be living on the street begging for handouts. Those of us that don’t pander to sentimentality and don’t seek to ingratiate ourselves to those in power through conversation but through hard work often find ourselves left behind. 

As time marches on and technology takes the place of critical thinking, the intelligence level of the human race has not increased but fallen at a fairly steady pace. People stare into their phones often ignoring real human interaction and substituting it for the endorphin-releasing effect that these devices and their apps produce in the human brain.  The news that we procure through these so-called smart devices has been prepared for a dumb-downed populace by blithering idiots that are too dumb to realize that they aren’t smarter than the populace they seek to subjugate through lies and weak deceptive practices.

IQs have been steadily dropping since the mid-1970s. We look at our government and ask why is there such gridlock and inactivity. The inmates are running the asylum. It’s not just the government as we can see this in every facet of our lives if we take time to think about it. Everywhere we look we see nothing but mediocrity masquerading as some force for good and change promising to save us from ourselves. The workforce is filled with the mediocre and the lazy. Those in places of business and our government gravitate towards one another and protect one another, and we end with a form of crony capitalism which doesn’t reward those with merit, but those that know some imbecile in a position of power that in many cases did not earn it but had it handed to them. As the vast majority of IQ levels decline our society de-evolves and becomes as it was in its infancy, a good old boy club that rewards friends and relatives not based on merit but for existing while those with intelligence are treated as outcasts and maligned by the many at the expense of society as a whole.

Stupidity breeds hatred, violence, and destroys everything civil and everything right in society. There exists a strong correlation between violent acts and the intelligence or lack thereof of its generators. I’ve encountered people older than I that don’t know the definition of simple words, and it’s even worse the younger the person. People do not read anymore. They lose themselves in whatever games they play or whatever television show they watch. They distract themselves with beautiful lies while the world burns down around them oblivious to the collision with reality that we are all on as we are led about by an elite that has inherited its power and suffers they same brain drain as the majority of humans. Socrates was killed because he possessed intelligence vastly superior to those that considered themselves his betters. In western society, we have not always killed our geniuses, but we have killed many, and that is what used to separate us from other civilizations. Other civilizations almost always kill those with new ideas that go against tradition, and we seem to be collectively moving in that direction. When the world is run by those with the intellect of a house-fly, then the genius is the stupid crazy person spouting blasphemies that must be eradicated. Reading and improving oneself need not be a stigma, we owe to future generations to leave a better world than the one we were born into, and we must not allow intellectually inferior people to decide the fate of millions.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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