A Nation Divided

We are a nation constructed from the ashes of revolution and built from the blood and sweat of patriots. From that firey beginning, a country forged with liberty and justice sprang forth to lead the world as a shining example for the everyone to follow. The founders in their infinite wisdom formed the Constitutional Republic, fearing a democracy would lead to tyranny. We would not be ruled by a mob, where a simple majority allowed one group to dominate and tell those lesser in number how they must live. This grand experiment was fraught with uncertainty but eventually led to the development of one of the most powerful countries on earth. Today, we see a nation divided by ideologies seemingly as numerous as it populace coalesced around two teams, red and blue or right and left.

I identify politically as a conservative. And as such, I’ve endured Presidencies and control of the House and Senate by ideologies with which I disagree. During the recent Obama administration, many conservatives felt disillusioned and adrift in a country that they barely recognized. However, for the most part, we bid our time and waited for the opportunity to vote and change ruling parties. Fringe elements within the country, of course, sought ways to ensnare that administration to depose it somehow so that we might regain power prematurely. This was not a particularly widespread or inspired movement except within fringe lunatic groups within our country. Today, we are witnessing a concerted effort not by a fringe group but an entire ideology, and it’s agents within our government to overturn a legally elected President.

The last administration moved the Democratic party further left than it had been previously galvanizing likely conservative voters.  This created fractures within the party itself which not only divided the country but indeed the Democratic party and muddied its message. Hillary was selected as the torch-bearer to continue what would have undoubtedly been the status-quo. However, her candidacy was inherently flawed because of self-inflicted wounds manifested by the arrogance of an elite Washington class that makes laws for others to live by, while simultaneously being above the laws they create. If she ever had a message a coherent strategy, I couldn’t tell what it was, but I could tell you all of the allegations against her. Polls predicted a crushing victory for her leading into the election, and the elite never considered that a loss was possible and convinced many of their supporters of the inevitability of a Madame Status-quo Presidency.

When defeat occurred her supporters and the Washington establishment was crushed and flabbergasted by what they saw as a sure victory. A Republican nominee was elected President, and he was bombastic and unapologetic in his views and his disdain for political correctness. Much of the Republican establishment was also against his election and were also disheartened by what had happened. This man speaks as a mere commoner, and though he is rich, he isn’t part of the elite ruling class of this country. The now infamous Steele dossier was compiled by Opposition research and turned over to the FBI by a fellow Republican that felt wounded by the election of this flamboyant man promising to bring an end to corruption by the elite ruling class. The man himself despite his fiery rhetoric is more of a hybrid of political parties. He wants to rebuild infrastructure and end the Federal ban upon Marijuana, a policy which classical liberals should embrace.   He has conservative leanings as well in that he wishes to have merit-based immigration, which is merely common sense that all should embrace. Yes, he wants to build a wall to slow the flow of drugs and human trafficking into this country. We have armed protestors in the streets attacking those with different views while claiming to be anti-fascists. We have Democratic Senators calling for the harassment of government officials they disagree with and encouraging division while ignoring some of the policies that they would agree with if it were advocated by anyone other than the man that occupies the White House. A systematic effort has been underway to overturn a legal election while claiming Russian interference. The Russians couldn’t have disrupted our Republic anymore that those disappointed by election results and employees of the Senior Executive Service. They have divided this country to such a degree that they risk causing widespread violence merely because they lost. The SES worries that their crimes will come to light, their election meddling and in time they will be rewarded with the justice they fear.

It is essential that those in government that still see themselves as servants of the public denounce this violence in our streets and instead focus on our commonalities and stop dividing us for political or monetary gain. Each side of the aisle should be able to agree that corruption exists and it has gotten out of control. We at the end of the day are Americans. We are not left and right, or right and wrong; we are brethren! Let us respect each other and our differences and denounce the evils of targeted divisions created by government officials and their propaganda arm the mainstream media. The world will not end because an opposing political party was elected, it only stops if we end it ourselves. The enemy is not at the gates unless those gates wall off the hearts of every American. We must not let our differences divide us further, for the only real division that we should care about is between ourselves and the ruling class that corrupts our values and places their ultimate comfort above our great nation and the children we raise.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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