What does liberty mean to you?

We are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that professes it’s love of liberty and freedom. Yet, the inescapable conclusion that anyone can’t help but reach is that liberty and freedom are eroding at an increasingly fast pace. We are told that racists and nazis are poised nearby ready to pounce upon our lives and destroy them and turn everything on its head.  Certainly, when such people present themselves they must be dealt with in a swift and uncompromising way. However, at the same time, the equality we all strive for has been circumvented by those we have installed in power. We exist as guinea pigs in some antiquated experiment operated by a sniveling corrupt leadership. 

Slowly, over the past few decades more and more freedom has been taken from the populace. Usually, this is accomplished by passing laws in Congress or creating it in the Supreme Court. We have two classes of people in this country and indeed many of the European countries. We have the serfs, which have no power, or only just enough to make them feel important and useful. Then we have the wealthy and those installed in the power structures of government. They pass many of these laws without ever even reading the entire bill, and they do this because they know that those laws are for the rest of us. We’ve witnessed years of endless posturing by two political parties that differ only in name.

People are actually being arrested for expressing themselves. The only place in the world where free speech is an enemy of the state are in despotic dictatorships. A man in England, Tommy Robinson was arrested and sentenced all in a one-hour time frame because he chose to challenge the narrative of the state. He was sentenced to thirteen months in prison, simply for indicating reality. Cowards in powerful positions love to ignore reality and force others to live under a dystopian nightmare conjured by their infantile minds. This goes on at every level of a decaying society and the only way a person cannot recognize it is by choosing to look the other way or by virtue of simply being so dumbed down that they believe the lies spread by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is controlled by six companies, all puppets of the government and therefore defacto state-sponsored media.

We live in a world where mere allegations of impropriety are enough to destroy the careers and lives of people without any evidence being presented. The state tells you that you may own property and then proceeds to tax you each year for it and will take it away if you don’t pay for your property for the rest of your life. So it would seem that even in a “free” society the idea of owning something that is yours is merely an illusion that you must pay for in order to live under a lie.

A free society can’t exist under the crony capitalism that we currently operate under. The Clinton Foundation was pay-to-play and in actuality our country and the countries of Europe are pay-to-play.  We wonder why there is no longer any real innovation or entrepreneurs. It is because the cabal of state-sponsored companies have all bought out the competition and the lack of competition stifles innovation and new entrepreneurs are squashed before they are able to develop into big enterprises. New minds still come along with great ideas to improve society, but they are usually forced or voluntarily sell their patents and information and its put away to never see the light of day. New technologies that challenge the money-making enterprises of the crony capitalists are subverted and suppressed. They are making money now and have no wish to change the paradigm, an example would be the energy industry.  Corruption in our country and others is all interconnected, and simply picking it apart a piece at a time will not be effective. Standards for one group must be applied to the other, the true inequality in this world is between the haves and the have-nots. This is not a knock on economic prosperity, for every man should be allowed that luxury. The inequality exists in the unequal scales of justice, our leaders will happily prosecute the poor for they can’t defend themselves, but they will not prosecute their cronies because life for them is about money and power not for equality and justice as it should be.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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