I’m an Army veteran and I’m proud of serving my country. It is difficult for some to understand what branch loyalty means to a veteran. I’m Army through and through and would be offended if I were ever described in any other way. I’ve encountered members of some branches that don’t seem to understand the concept of honor and loyalty. I can only guess that it is because given the option they chose the cowards way and hid from any actual danger except the danger presented by their sub-par training and intellect. I won’t mention any specifics but let’s just say when you are more of a danger to yourself than the enemy some reevaluation should take place!

Thus, having been insulated from the dangers of combat, they are little more than armchair quarterbacks watching the big game. They shout vociferously about all the things they would do and how manly they are in the face of danger while having never faced anything more dangerous than a hangnail their entire lives. This is not to say the uninitiated can’t have an opinion, they can, but it carries little weight when they haven’t gotten off their fat derrières and actually contributed in a meaningful context to defend this nation.

Those that hide thousands of miles away from the action have no concept of what that action is like and it’s natural they wouldn’t understand something like loyalty to one’s branch of service. A coward is never loyal, a coward is always fearful of the unknown and thus never seeks to discover the etymology of the enemy. They are content to hide and allow actual men to fight their battles for them, and we gladly do this. Every nation has its warriors and there is always an ample supply of soy boys to perform the more feminine tasks.

I would just make this plea with people to never question the loyalty that a man bears to his branch of service because we sign up to fight and possibly die for the flag and we owe allegiance to honor and truth. Those that have never risked life and limb can never understand what commitment it takes and how our men and women sacrifice so that others needn’t. Those that hide from combat and claim to have some affinity and understanding of it are full of excrement. You can listen to as many stories as you like and it doesn’t make you worthy of questioning a combat veteran when you purposely hid away from danger. People that behave in that manner are just blowhards, that blew their way into the relative safety of soy boy duty. I salute those that have fought and died for this country and to all the real veterans out there, thank you!!

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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