The Inspector General’s Report

The IGs’ report is due to be released tomorrow no doubt with heavy revisions from the DOJ. I sincerely hope that this will allow us as a nation to move on and put to rest this notion of impeaching our President over ridiculous charges of Russian collusion. While it is true that if you dig long enough you can find dirt on just about anyone when the scope of the investigation exceeds it’s stated purview then its time for the investigation to end. President Trump was never intended to win the election and forces within the government scrambled after he won in order to nullify a duly elected President.

It is certainly true that elements both foreign and domestic sought to interfere with our electoral process. Which is why such shock was displayed when Trump did the unthinkable and won an election that was rigged against him. He wasn’t a part of the establishment such as Clinton, Obama, and the Bushes. While these people have D and Rs’ next to their names, the end results of their time in power was essentially the same. They represent the status-quo, stale ideas, and ideologies. They served to preserve power for the so-called political elite and the welfare of the American people was never a priority.

I won’t get on some soap box and claim that our current President is all heart. I do believe he is invested in doing what is best for our country and doesn’t mind bucking tradition established by career politicians. Our political system has been corrupt for a very long time and that should be something that all Americans can recognize as an inescapable truth. I hope that prosecutions do emerge due to the release of the IGs’ report and that we as a nation can set a powerful example to those that chose to corrupt the sacred political processes of our country and indeed our values as a people. We established this nation in order to build something outside of a monarchy and yet find ourselves ruled by career politicians that are in effect proxy-royalty.

Tomorrow is a new day, and let it be a day of revelation and one that powers the wheels of justice. We as people and indeed all people of the world deserve honest and dedicated leadership and not just lip service from people wishing to retain power!

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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