The Replay

Humanity has a long history fraught with wars and disputes of all kinds. We have displayed an inability to coexist with others peacefully for any significant length of time. Despite our primal instincts we as human are drawn to order and structure. We quite frankly need to believe in something greater than ourselves in order to function for any length of time as civilized creatures. Throughout that history, we can see many examples of what happens to societies when the power structure breaks down. Humans descend into barbarism that advances to such a degree that those left standing long for a return to order and thus vigilantism gives over to structure and security in a hierarchical form. The catalyst that ignited the fires that incinerated and caused societal barriers to breakdown are forgotten, and humans once again enslave themselves to an idea. Continue reading “The Replay”

What does liberty mean to you?

We are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that professes it’s love of liberty and freedom. Yet, the inescapable conclusion that anyone can’t help but reach is that liberty and freedom are eroding at an increasingly fast pace. We are told that racists and nazis are poised nearby ready to pounce upon our lives and destroy them and turn everything on its head.  Certainly, when such people present themselves they must be dealt with in a swift and uncompromising way. However, at the same time, the equality we all strive for has been circumvented by those we have installed in power. We exist as guinea pigs in some antiquated experiment operated by a sniveling corrupt leadership.  Continue reading “What does liberty mean to you?”

The Diversification of Delusions

Diversity seems to be the darling of pop-culture. It is encouraged in everything from fashion, leadership, hiring policies, and even the choice of personal relationships. Diversity isn’t extended to thought, however, if that train of thought happens to diverge from the narrative espoused by those in control. The media and government officials tell us we must accept that which they deem acceptable even if that choice disagrees with actual reality. We are to believe that choices made on our behalf are deliberated and agonized over until the best route for future existence is chosen. In reality, though, such decisions are made in an attempt to mold our existence into one that the political elite and those that bribe them believe are better than traditional values such as family, faith, and most importantly the ability to question power. Continue reading “The Diversification of Delusions”

The Felonious Nature of Choice

We are told life is about choice and to some degree that is true. It’s when you drill down into the minutiae of life that you begin to see how few options we as individuals have. Through advertising, we are told what is acceptable and on what we should spend our money. The government tells us how we must conduct our lives, where we can live, and what we can do on property that is supposed to be ours. I speak of property not just concerning assets but as each person owning one’s self. We are taxed for every moment we exist. This seems to be the antithesis of self-determination and forging one’s path.  Continue reading “The Felonious Nature of Choice”

The Confidence Man

An illusion is a key to escaping the harsh realities one faces each day. We dive into television programming or video games knowing that we are willfully participating in deception designed to entertain and distract us from life. This is debatably mostly harmless behavior as if serves as a form of stress relief. It stands to reason that with a vast customer base seeking to be deceived, that many would spring forth willing to oblige.  This has given rise to a seedy underbelly of both men and women that wish to use our predilection for buying into falsehoods to prey on the downtrodden and elderly citizenry. This is primarily relegated to late night television but has also expanded in the form of electronic communication over the internet. Continue reading “The Confidence Man”


In the history of the world one thing has brought down nations and empires more than any other single factor. Corruption is like a disease that spreads from one sector of society to another. It starts at the bottom and works its way up. The central government in Washington, D.C is a reflection of the local governments, and the local governments are in turn a reflection of the people they serve. I’m not a member of the state or national government, but I see this dishonesty everyday in my fellow citizens. I continually see the dishonest get ahead and succeed where the honest man or woman fail.

Lying to get ahead has become the norm. Integrity has become something you read about in books, but rarely hear about in real life. Characters are manufactured from lies and people get ahead in many cases by the hard work of someone else. The small businessman, by all accounts a hardworking and well deserving entrepreneur is often ran out of business by monopolies that in a free market aren’t supposed to exist. Large companies get a pass on taxes, such as the Healthcare tax, simply because they can afford to grease the palms of politicians. Taxes such as these kill the small businessman.

People routinely lie to the government to get free handouts. I say “free”, but they aren’t free, every dime comes from someone else. People that are really trying and struggling to get by aren’t allowed to get the help they need simply because they aren’t willing to lie. Meanwhile, these people that receive these handouts drive brand new cars, have all the latest gadgets, and live better than the average full time worker. They feel entitled to nurse on the government’s tit. It seems that most of them don’t make an effort to get off of welfare. The government is just as guilty as these lying and manipulative folks, because they use this handout to buy votes. There are many people that do need these handouts to help feed their families. Sadly, many of the honest folks out there aren’t allowed to receive any assistance. While the cold and heartless among us afford a lifestyle that they don’t deserve, by claiming disability or an inability to find a job. Jobs even in this economy are relatively easy to find, granted, there aren’t a lot of great jobs out there, but they aren’t nonexistent.

You only have to look to our southern border to the country beyond to see what corruption does to a country. We aren’t far behind them, and if the people of this country continue to have no moral compass then we will be third world. I don’t believe that most of America realizes how close to the precipice we are. If we fall off, it will be hard landing and many will not survive. They have no conception of what true hardship really is. These people will react violently in a collapse situation. People that have faced hardship, and know how to survive on the basics will make do, but those that always have to depend on someone else’s accomplishments will be left out in the cold. A corrupt society kills itself from the inside out, and a society with no morals that feels entitled is a poor survivor in truly hard times. I fear for my country. I fear mostly for those people with their heads permanently buried in the sand. Get involved, and start calling these local leaders out on their corruption and hopefully we can make a difference from the ground up.

Today’s America

I remember growing up and learning in school about Republicans and Democrats. I also remember being explained the stark differences between the two parties. I grew older, joined the army and traveled the world. I smelled the stench of politics and political correctness on everything in the service. I got out of the Army and wanted to make a difference in my country. It is demoralizing to see the decay of a great country. This decay has been brought about by corruption and greed. The apathy of the general population is sickening. Far too many people believe everything they are spoon fed by pundits and reporters that are receiving their information from government disinformation agents. Oh does that sound too conspiratorial for you? It’s a fact a simple web search will reveal that propaganda has been legalized for use on the American people. This country was founded to escape tyranny! The criminals that run this country want power and money, they behave like full blown sociopaths. It is all about consolidating power with these people, if they can even be afforded such an honor of that title. This country seems to be heading for implosion. You might ask yourself why would our greedy, heartless leaders let this happen. They are on the top and with a collapse, they have less competition and more power to fuel their god complexes. You have plenty of people that won’t believe a word of this. Then you have the others that say, well there is nothing we can do about it; it has always been that way. This is a straight cop out. We the people are the power of this country. If we willingly continue to play along with the charade of freedom, we will forever be slaves. WE have the power to restore true liberty and freedom in this country!! This apathy is a reflection of the apathy these sociopaths have for us as American citizens. We are commodities to be traded on the stock market. The “Federal Reserve” isn’t a federal organization. It’s a collection of private bankers. They loan money to the government with interest that the government can never hope to pay back. This country was founded and was intended for the congress to have the power to print money. Politics and politicians have degenerated into money making schemes and over-paid prostitutes. A man or woman can’t get elected without the money powers backing them. We have Senators and Congressmen that spend most of their lives in Congress, and it’s not because they are loyal to the people. They are loyal to their pimps! We need term limits and we need those gangsters in their shiny suits to stop printing money for our country!!!!!!!