The Diversification of Delusions

Diversity seems to be the darling of pop-culture. It is encouraged in everything from fashion, leadership, hiring policies, and even the choice of personal relationships. Diversity isn’t extended to thought, however, if that train of thought happens to diverge from the narrative espoused by those in control. The media and government officials tell us we must accept that which they deem acceptable even if that choice disagrees with actual reality. We are to believe that choices made on our behalf are deliberated and agonized over until the best route for future existence is chosen. In reality, though, such decisions are made in an attempt to mold our existence into one that the political elite and those that bribe them believe are better than traditional values such as family, faith, and most importantly the ability to question power.

We’ve been told that we must give up our privacy in order to be more secure in our day to day lives. The stooges of the state and its sycophants say that we shouldn’t begrudge such privacy violations because if we do nothing wrong then we have nothing to fear.  Children have great power over their parents, in that through emotion they manipulate to achieve whatever items they desire. Our leaders, corrupted by power behave in much the way children now behave, they use emotional manipulation to support their agendas. That’s why each time a mass shooting takes place it is broadcast ad nauseum on the state-controlled media and the many more times that such massacres are thwarted they receive little and often no coverage.

They tell us that such incidents take place because we have the right to bear arms. They discount the idea that such incidents take place because society is collapsing due to the erosion of our values and the debilitating mental states of our citizens. I believe the erosion of such values and the lack of community is one of the causes of the lack of mental well-being of individuals in our society. Also, despite all of our impressive medical advances, we push SSRIs on those that exhibit mental instability. We don’t fully understand how these drugs and indeed how our brains work, we throw medication at the problem and send these people back out into the world. The fact is, these drugs can cause people to become suicidal and trigger psychotic tendencies.

Can anyone actually look at our leaders whether they be government or business leaders and genuinely believe that these people are mentally fit? Corruption is rampant, and our own government interferes in its own elections while accusing other countries of the deed. We are facing a deficit of values and an erosion of principles that has led to the demise of mentally healthy people. The reason why those at the top are so corrupt is they have been dipped from the well of what passes for humanity. People see this type of behavior and rationalize their own wrong-doing as people have done for millennia. Selfish creatures that we are if we can make an act right in our own minds we care not what the world thinks and in doing so lose what makes civilization viable.

So we’ve created a society built upon the fragile foundation of lies and illusion. If we continue to allow the last vestiges of our traditional values and American heritage to be diluted then much like the great powers that came before us we shall destroy ourselves. Hubris breeds destruction and unfortunately, we have an overabundance of pride based on delusional fantasies of sick and twisted power hungry people. Intelligent people are full of doubt and thus rendered inert in conflict with themselves, while fools have no doubts and proceed with extreme confidence. This is why our country is in such dire straits, we are controlled by fools, because the intelligent are encompassed with doubt and lack the confidence or the hubris to anoint themselves leaders of mankind. If we are to continue in this grand experiment then the intelligent among us must seize control from the petulant children that are running our country and indeed the world into the ground.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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