So much of our lives we encounter what at first seems like setbacks, and down the line, we discover that these perceived defeats were in fact blessings.  Forces of corruption and evil abound in this world and the lives of even the lowest among us. Thankfully, in what seems like a universe with a sense of humor, these forces are so often inept and bumbling in their efforts to impart discord and division in the lives of humanity that they make their inevitable defeat a straightforward and simple task.

Whether it be on a national scale or in petty workplace politics, the simpletons of iniquity are so easily ferreted out and destroyed that the only reason such forces exist is that people lack the will and the backbone to resist. The problem at least on the national scale is that people get caught in the false dichotomy of political parties and miss the bigger picture of what is taking place. They allow their hatred of an ideology that it’s representatives perpetuate to blind them to the actual battles that we as an honorable people should be fighting.

It isn’t a coincidence that when recently our government’s inherent corruption was brought to light that a crisis was generated clad in ideology to elicit hatred and vitriol from those so tightly wound into the dichotomy that they failed to see what the real motive was for the crisis itself. Those on the left and the right were quick to pounce on this false narrative to fight amongst themselves while significant hearings took place on whether we have one justice system or two. One for the poor, and one for the so-called elite. This is the game of politics in our country when so many in our government are corrupt. They play left vs. right off against each other to distract from issues they don’t want the people to see. It wasn’t about Republican vs. Democrat, what it was about was these corrupt Deep State officials trying to divert attention away from their crimes.

What better way to get away with murder, than to set those that might pursue you against each other, and there we have the game of politics as played by cowards and deceitful members of Congress and the Senior Executive Service. To the President’s credit, however, he saw through it and even mentioned it in his speech. What is disturbing to me is that so many political pundits failed to see through the game that was being played. These people do this for a living, and many rely on them for objective and accurate analysis of the political landscape.

It says to me that even pundits in many cases have bought into the false dichotomy laid out before us, and have lost track of the bigger picture and the ultimate goal. That goal is restoring honor and integrity to our great nation. It can’t be done through hatred, but it can be accomplished by taking a deep breath and summoning your common sense, and dissolving any doubts that through perseverance we shall restore our Republic to the vision laid out by its founders!

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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