We live in a world where appearances are everything. Sadly, many people still believe that seeing is believing. A society focused on fabricating an illusory reality around every aspect of their existence still manages to fall for carefully crafted distortions of that reality.  Contrary to our designs of manipulating the perceptions of those around us we are still bound by our biological imperative to trust our senses. Our senses deceive us more often than not, for if that weren’t the case, the utopia that many people dream of would be manifest before our eyes. Instead, we inhabit a world besieged by violence, a cruel and uncaring wasteland of discarded dreams and ruined souls. We need to develop a new level of perception, a way to sift through all the lies and traps laid out for us by the merciless denizens of the world.

This will sound like quite the cliche, but intuition is one of the most reliable senses we have as human beings. Plenty of people being rational and thinkers choose to ignore their intuition at their peril. I have been there many times myself, and each time I ignored that inner voice, I paid dearly for it.  We get a sense of people we meet subconsciously, gradually and sometimes immediately that judgment rises to the surface to warn us or tell us everything is ok. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ignored such proddings from my inner self only to regret it with every fiber of my being at a later time. We also get these same premonitions about decisions and situations we face on a daily basis. We’ve established that seeing isn’t believing and that a lot of people nowadays choose deception as their modus operandi. So we can’t always trust what our ears hear and what our eyes see, so we definitely need to rely on that sixth-sense if you will to more carefully navigate the troubled waters of life.

We all have a built-in morality unless we are born with psychopathy.  It pulls and pushes us in many directions, and like intuition many people have conditioned themselves to ignore that inner voice that tells them even though something might be legal, it is still morally wrong. People are always wanting to push boundaries and do as much as they think they might get away with without jail time or physical harm. So looking to get ahead of the Jones or whoever these people ignore their moral compass and do whatever is needed to achieve success even if that means stepping on people on their way to the top. After years of behaving in this manner, it becomes second nature for these types of people and they no longer even have that inner voice to guide them down the righteous path. They become parasites in human form, feasting upon this earth and its inhabitants for their nourishment.

We have become too focused on selfish goals and less in tune with the harmony of togetherness and cooperation toward a unifying goal. Can you imagine America’s first colonists surviving for very long if they had the same outlook on life as those in this modern society? They would have all perished within the first week of making landfall, probably at each other’s hands. We as modern people’s like to exude this illusory propaganda about our lives and ourselves in hopes of appearing tenacious and on top of things. In reality, though we are weak, we wouldn’t make it in more primitive times among our more stalwart ancestors. We distort the truth at every opportunity and then are somehow surprised to see the nightly horror stories on the evening news. We act surprised when our politicians behave precisely as most of us behave in our private lives, and demand reform from them when we are unwilling to reform ourselves. We live in a nation of children, too immature to face the world as it is and work together to change if for the better. We seem more content to tear down our fellow man for our benefit. We are all interconnected in some small way, and when the balance remains tipped for too long into apathy and despair, anything resembling a future we would like to see for our children will evaporate before our eyes. We have to make changes in our hearts, and commit to being better human beings. People usually follow the next big thing, today its self-worship, let us make it morality for tomorrow and generations yet to come!

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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