Thy Branches doth Grow

We learn if we pay attention while we are in school that there are three branches of government. The Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches. However, the government has expanded beyond what is evident to the average citizen. It operates compartmentalized as a money-making enterprise. One group rarely knows what the other group is doing, but each pursues its self-interests. The government routinely grants contracts to private entities whom they pay handsomely to accomplish a wide variety of missions. We have seventeen intelligence agencies, and this does not include the private contractors that have experience in that field. Over five million people within the country have security clearances, and the number promises to grow as sub-contracting continues to be such a lucrative enterprise. The implications of such a large number of clearances should be obvious, and it serves to decrease the security of our nation. The more moving parts of a machine, the more likely it is to fail.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring private groups by the government is plausible deniability. This means that they can sub-contract things such as torture, assassinations, and human intelligence and thus easily deny knowledge of the contractor’s intentions and acts. Contractors have broken the law before and continue to receive contracts from the government that amounts to our tax dollars. They even procured young boys for perverts inside of Afghanistan, and nothing to my knowledge was done to them other than awarding another multi-billion dollar contract. (

A favorite tactic is to find a gullible citizen down on their luck to perform illegal acts designed to enhance an intelligence agencies intel capability. If the pawn is caught, then it can’t be easily traced back to the orchestrator of the event. Since those they choose are often considered nobodies, then no one will believe them when they cry foul. The hapless patsy then is criminally prosecuted and locked away for an eternity while the real criminals continue to operate in the shadows. This has been standard practice for these types since the inception of such agencies. There isn’t a level to low or a challenge to high, they will go there and use whatever means necessary to win. They will destroy entire families to maintain their autonomy and anti-constitutional operations.

These agencies and companies operate with little to no oversight. The agencies especially can merely deem something classified or essential to national security, and then no one, not even the President or Senate Intelligence Committee can access the information. They operate above the law, and that is against the very fabric of our Constitution. We are supposed to all be equal under the law, and yet the rich man throws money at the laws and circumvents the statutes while these shadow agencies obey none at all.  They merely make it up as they go along, and we are to believe that this secretive FISA court has authority over them. The FISA court itself is so secretive that none of us knows for sure what it does and who it serves.  The CIA was given expanded powers under executive order 12333. The order grants the CIA internal policing powers within the United States. It was banned from doing so by the National Security Act of 1947. The ambiguous language of the executive order can be interpreted and has been by the agency as a blank check to cash at any time.

What we need to do is shrink the number of agencies that need to be micromanaged and consolidate our intelligence into a smaller and more efficient machine. It does need to have real oversight, and the number of clearances we pass out like candy needs to come to an end. We in effect have created blackmail agencies that can sway any politician or world leader either with real dirt or manufactured dirt. This has been SOP for these agencies for decades, and many wish to bury their heads in the sand and act as if nothing like this takes place. We have created what can only be described as a shadow government that does what it wishes, and no one can tell them to stop. This is counter to what our founders wanted for this country, and it should be counter to every American’s patriotic soul. Oversight is needed and required. We are already in a de-facto totalitarian state due to the unlimited powers of these groups which are not checked by any of the branches of our government. They can imprison any American indefinitely without cause or reason and, just send you off to a dark hole in some black site gulag.  That is not America, and we have allowed this situation to deteriorate while we sit on our hands. The President said something about draining the swamp, Mr. President the swamp is still there.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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