Information in the Digital Age



We exist in a period of instant access to information both great and small. There was a time in the not so distant past when people might expect privacy in their lives. Today that is becoming a fantasy of times gone by, that we run the risk of consigning to the dustbin of history. Cameras are everywhere, and facial recognition software hardwired into the camera we are told creates safety in our lives.  If you carry a smartphone, then GPS tracks your location continually. I’m sure we all had those annoying popups on our phones asking us if we’ve been to some restaurant or store. When we visit websites, our IP addresses are tracked back to our location and saved into memory, tracking cookies are embedded that overcome VPNs and still identify who we are. They tell us all of this is for our safety.

Crime is still featured on the evening news broadcasts, and people continue to make bad decisions that impact the lives of other people. It hasn’t made us safer but has given us a front row seat to the atrocities committed by the mentally ill and sociopaths that conduct operations for illicit purposes. The architects of this digital prison seem to be in a perpetual state of paranoia about what regular folks might do. If the full extent of the atrocities these architects have perpetrated on an unsuspecting populace were fully known then perhaps their fear would be justified. The data collection, however, is used on the unwitting public and any entities that might challenge the prison warden’s control over its inmates.

This data collection is contracted out to private companies for the most part, as they are always more innovative than a sluggish governmental bureaucracy. They profit from the tax dollars that American citizens and indeed citizens of other countries pay their governments for betrayal. It’s all a big club, and those people inside will do whatever it takes to keep their seats at the table. Essentially, megalomaniacs are always hungry for more power and will use the advances in technology to tighten their grip on the populace and prevent the average joe from ever achieving a position of prominence. Those that have this control are fearful of losing it because at some level they know they are wrong.

The problem comes from a populace that is told what to like, buy, and what to believe by a government that has legalized propaganda against its citizens. A binary choice is given one or zero, democrat or republican, two parts of the same corrupted system of control. The differences in these two entities are cosmetic, they both worship the same God, and that God is money. As long as companies can purchase politicians and politicians facilitate deals with mega-corporations that any small business owner would never receive, we will exist in a corporatocracy.  Where money parts the waters and the politicians will be their mistress. It serves them to monitor our every move and record every conversation, tapping into public perception is what honest businesses need to do to sell products. Its what the corporate giants do when they contract for our government, they sell a product to the government, that product is intelligence on its people, and the government can then carefully craft its next propaganda piece.

The ability to manipulate a populations thinking can cause them to rally around a goal that the government seeks, or denounce its wellbeing for the sake of patriotism. Patriotism is all well and good in a nation built on truth and transparency, but blind allegiance to a government led from the shadows can lead to a dangerous end. Technology is fantastic but put into the hands of the power-hungry it has been used to make us safe, by denying us our fundamental freedoms. Freedom is the defining principle of the United States of America. The Constitution is evident on the right to privacy. I don’t believe that the Constitution is a living document that should be edited as times change. I think that in its original form it is still a very relevant document to this day. The abundance of money in our political system as corrupted the great Republic we have established, it has made confidence men our primary political candidates. They are the ones that can schmooze millions from lobbyists and talk a good game come election and then as all politicians sit on their hands on issues which the voting public elected them to address. They address the problems that are profitable to them and their contributing cronies. I would like to return to a society that respects its citizens enough to value their privacy. Protection shouldn’t come at the cost of freedom. If we lose our freedoms, then we become like those that wish to destroy our nation, we become automatons crowing a mantra given to us by a despotic government. We should restore constitutional rule, by removing big money from politics and instituting term limits.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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