The Political Landscape

Politics in our country has always been a minefield made even more dangerous by bellicose rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. We elect representatives with the hope that they will represent our concerns in an honorable and common sense way. We have been doing the same thing for decades and expecting different results. Money and power drive the political landscape of our nation and those without neither do not have adequate representation at a governmental level. I’m sure some politicians start wide-eyed and sure that they will be different from those that came before them. The reality is that power corrupts and unchecked power will corrupt even the most stalwart of individuals.

A government for the people and by the people, at least that is what we were led to believe. The peoples that our government represent comprise a protected class of the uber-rich and those seated in political power for what seems like perpetuity. This is why political lobbying is such a big business and why said lobbyists are the paid minions of the wealthy. Afterall, no one will lobby for free, and no politician will do any piece of legislation out of altruism, they operate merely on a quid pro quo basis. So no one lobbies for the poor and disenfranchised, and no one cares as long as they get what they believe they deserve in life. The vast majority of Americans have no representation in the National Government, and we shouldn’t kid ourselves because it is even worse at the local level. The roots of corruption are buried deep in small town America and have spread like a parasite to infect the entire country.

The political “elite” of this country all came from somewhere. They climbed the ladder of corruption from its base all the way to the top. Power is the ultimate motivator, and a symbol of power is always money for those that are impotent at being men in a more primal setting. These men and some women run through life scared of what the future might hold for them if the playing field were fair and level. That is why they continuously seek more and more power because the devil you know is always more comforting than the one you don’t know. This is one of the primary reasons we continue to put people like this in power because that is how it has always been. The power of these corrupt people that “represent” us has evolved to such a level that in some cases the vote isn’t the deciding factor in their ascension to the throne.

They are only too happy to put on shows for the peons that still believe that they are their representatives. They have pissing contests for the benefit of the gullible and for their entertainment at our apparent stupidity for buying into their pretense.The real battles between them take place beyond the public view, and these battles involve seeking more wealth and power for themselves and cheating the system while doing it. This involves backroom deals for business advancements that they receive for scratching the back of other wealthy folks and insider trading on wall street. The same men that run the Federal Reserve primarily control the rise and fall of the stock market. Insider information in such a corrupt environment is easy to come by when one can merely grant favors and pass legislation intent on everything except representing the concerns of their constituents.

I’m not sure at this point how we restore honor and integrity to our leadership as it affects every level of society. I would have in times past suggested a convention of the states, but since the states are as corrupt and in some case more corrupt, such a direction would only consolidate their power. I think our only option is to allow their greed to implode the economy as it will eventually because the power-hungry can’t stop they must consume and they will ultimately perish through their insatiable appetite for domination. They are the like the town drunk or crackhead, they are driven by addiction, and they must feed, and they’ll feed it until it kills them, and hopefully, they will not take the rest of us with them. However, when they fail as they assuredly will, men like myself will be here to help restore honor and integrity and respect for the constitution of the United States of America.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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