Do we get the Government we deserve?

A phrase that one occasionally hears tossed about is that citizens get the government they deserve. Whatever metric we choose to measure it by this would seem to be apt in so many ways. A vocal segment of the population is responsible for putting people into power and re-electing them. This segment is a minority of our country’s citizens. They get the government they want, and those of us that are apathetic to the whole process get the government we deserve because we refuse to engage in the future of our country and our children. We care about our children on the local level but fail to effect lasting change that will affect the lives of our children and their children long after we are gone.

So many seem lost and feel powerless in the face of the vocal minorities that decide the fate of so many of their fellow citizens.  Of all the places that you have been I would wager they all have one recurring theme, the loudest and noisiest person in the room is almost always the dumbest. So many seem content to allow these same people to control every aspect of their life. Self-destructive apathy has gotten us the government we deserve. We are not led by our brightest but by the lowest and least intelligent of those among us.

Intelligent people speak less and listen more. They are more apt to breed less because they care about the quality of the lives of their offspring. A smart person is filled with doubt because they have a distaste for action without adequate circumspection. The dim-witted which make up the majority of populations worldwide have no doubts and no need for reflection before acting. They are the ones that rule our world because they have confidence in themselves because the fool can never see the futility of their ways. They breed at a high rate because unlike the rest of us they are driven almost entirely by primitive animal instincts and haven’t the foresight to think of tomorrow.

The corruption we see rampant in our governments is a byproduct of being led by the most base of our population. This is true of both left and right as stupidity knows no bounds, and spreads like a disease that corrupts the moral fabric of our great republic. The puerile that “lead” us seek to control every aspect of our lives. They can’t see their idiocracy, and they believe that they are superior because they are in control. They wish to tighten their control to solidify their perceived dominance over the silent majority they see incorrectly as intellectually inferior. One only needs to look at the massively long list of government inefficiencies to know that what I say is the truth. These people are incompetent in the extreme and will one day if unchecked lead to the demise of not only our great nation but of the world.

We as smart and independent thinkers need to take action. The time for circumspection is over. We need to regain control of the republic from these pathetic and foolish vocal minorities that consistently lower the quality of life ad-nauseum for future generations. They are dangerous not because they are actively seeking to destroy our country but because they imagine they are doing these things to benefit society as a whole. Some of the most significant atrocities in history were supposedly carried out for the populaces own good. They might even believe they are doing what is right but they are self-serving and living only for the day, and tomorrow is not even a thought until it arrives. They haven’t the foresight to balance a budget or stop impending attacks of which they have foreknowledge. They are simpletons that have never been competent and have overstayed their welcome in the ruling class of our country. We are at the ultimate crossroads in history either we stand and do what is right or be led to an agonizing demise by these foolish primitives that we have allowed to control us through acquiescence.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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