The Society of Now

We live in a time when technology allows us the ability to communicate instantaneously and order items straight to our home without ever leaving the house. The satisfaction this creates is one of almost instant gratification. People have lost whatever modicum of patience they have remaining. We expect immediate results and presume to know the whole story about an event that takes place.  However, in a rush to satisfy this indulgence of the opulence of expectation we are often given false information.   This leads to entire movements whether they be political or societal that are based on incorrect assumptions about the nature of truth. 

News organizations have quickly deteriorated in the quality of their reporting just in my lifetime. They all rush to get the stories out without adequately vetting the facts and have become so politically invested that they often twist the facts to suit their narrative. This is true of both left and right media outlets. The insanity of that last statement should drive home the brunt of the problem. These organizations were never meant to engage in political intrigue or to use their resources to manipulate the viewing public. They were always intended to be impartial and seekers of the truth. Now, routinely they are obfuscators of any tangible truths, and instead omit any facts that aren’t part of their agenda.

Entire movements spring up in our society based on incomplete facts presented by these government stooges we call reporters. The government itself is not beneath manipulating the masses to paint its version of reality as truth. The FBI has recently become involved in political intrigue itself, and as a result of operating out of its purview has ignored credible threats to our society, and one of which was recently carried out. It is easy to blame inanimate objects for the acts of deranged individuals, but when do we get to hold to account these renegade agencies of our government when they fail to do the job they have been hired to do? When do we expose the biased news organizations that are on the government dole functioning as fallacious propaganda machines?

I would like to know why the public is so keen to buy into this blatant deception by these disreputable entities within our society. I would wager a guess that it has a lot to do with confirmation bias. We tend to gravitate towards things that reinforce a worldview that we already endorse and lend little credence to facts that contradict them. While this is indeed an explanation for the populace at large, it is not an adequate excuse for those that control the narrative. They are supposed to be held to a higher standard, and its painfully apparent that policing themselves is not on the agenda. Corruption is their watchword, and complacency is apparently ours at this moment in history.

We need to restore our society to one that respects the rule of law. And more than the rule of law, we need to find our moral compass again. Decency shouldn’t be something we are consigned to read about in books about the history of the twentieth century. If we genuinely care about our children, then we will teach the value of life and the importance of living honorably. Society has become selfish with everyone seeking to satisfy themselves. Pampering our children’s every want and need has created a crop of individuals that are unable to cope with setbacks or rejection. This creates people that only care about their own lives, and don’t understand the value of everyone else. Parenting and honoring virtuous behavior should be the only path forward. We can’t produce these weak minded children and expect our society to flourish. It will only tear itself apart. You’ve heard spare the rod, spoil the child? We have become too soft as parents, and we create children without souls to go out and commit acts of violence or overdose before they’ve even begun to live. This impacts the types of leaders we have and the types of conmen and women functioning as reporters we tolerate. A sturdy won’t survive on a lousy foundation.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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