The Felonious Nature of Choice

We are told life is about choice and to some degree that is true. It’s when you drill down into the minutiae of life that you begin to see how few options we as individuals have. Through advertising, we are told what is acceptable and on what we should spend our money. The government tells us how we must conduct our lives, where we can live, and what we can do on property that is supposed to be ours. I speak of property not just concerning assets but as each person owning one’s self. We are taxed for every moment we exist. This seems to be the antithesis of self-determination and forging one’s path. 

I feel at times that rather than being a part of a nation state, that we all are in fact considered assets of a corporation. Items are sold that some mysterious entity that we will never know has decided fit for our consumption. How many times have you gone to a grocery store for example and found the perfect go-to item, only to come back a few weeks later to find that it’s no longer available? Or worse having seen the success of the item they reduce its volume by half and raise the price. So much of what works is replaced by something new and more expensive that is almost always less effective or palatable. The choices in this situation apparently are not ours to make, others have decided it.

The idea of owning one’s own home and land has been a staple of the American dream for as long as I can remember. Through eminent domain, the magisterial forces of our governing body can take away what is supposed to be ours. I was raised to consider appropriating someone else’s property to be stealing. It isn’t right to take from the rich and give to the poor, but conversely, it isn’t right to take from hardworking Americans and give to arrogantly wealthy troglodytes. Arrogant they are if they imagine they can mold laws to suit their class while subverting the other classes. Once again choice seems to be a matter of convenience for those who write the laws. The rest of us are supposed to be content with the illusion of choice.

We are all familiar with the ideas of prohibition. They tried to prohibit alcohol for a significant period with minimal success. This was a part of what the nanny state believes is its responsibility. They imagine that they can protect a person from themselves. Their primary function in my mind should be to protect citizens from the violence of deranged individuals that inhabit our communities. If a person makes a decision to harm themselves then to me that is their right to do so. It is when they affect the lives of others that they cross the line. We see this in current times with Marijuana prohibition. Most staunch conservatives like myself think it should be legal, just not for children.  Peculiar interests within what is now known as the shadow government produces a tidy profit from prohibition because it inflates the prices. By now it should be common knowledge that certain intelligence agencies actively participate in the illicit drug trade. Once again we are faced with choices that were decided for us by people with which we have nothing in common.

It is past time in America, and I believe the world for people to wake up to reality as it is and not how it is portrayed by powerful interests. A pure utopian society if one could ever exist would be a society where people did have a measure of free will and self-control. A place where we aren’t taxed because we live, where our governments can’t take away property that is rightfully ours because it suits their purposes. These interests count on a sleeping populace to continue their grand masquerade of fidelity. Fidelity that is, in fact, nothing more than the robbery of honest citizens on a large scale. Real freedom is primarily possessed by those interests, and they are the ones with all the choices. They expect compliant and loyal serfs, and they imagine us all to be gullible sheep. The only way to change this is a renaissance of awareness among the citizens of the world on a grand scale. I urge you as painful as it undoubtedly is to try your best to wake up your fellow citizens to the true nature of reality while there is still time. This conglomerate of swindlers has almost achieved airtight control over the populace, and only through the lifting of the veils of ignorance can we hope to turn this around.


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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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