Living or Imitating?


Sensory overload is a problem in modern times. Often, you will see groups of friends sitting together all staring at their phones in silence. We make little time for social interactions. We prefer talking through messaging and find it difficult to connect with new people in any meaningful way. A significant portion of us fawn over celebrities and hang on their every word as if they are more informed than us ordinary folk. We often live our lives waiting for the next movie or the next professional sports game to take place. We call it entertainment, but for many, it appears to have the detrimental effect of producing a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of people seem to live vicariously through these public figures while forgetting to stand up and write their own story of life. 

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, while we humans are seemingly regressing at a comparable speed. Our social skills have plummeted as our technological advancement increases towards the inevitable singularity. Relationships are breaking down along with the family unit, and there doesn’t seem to be one cause. I do however believe that technology has played a key role as it helps to facilitate emotionless communication between parties that appear to inhibit a person’s natural inhibitions. This, of course, leads to the breakdown of marriages because it makes cheating more convenient and due to the lack of emotions involved in electronic communications, less of a taboo.

Celebrities have always inspired a following among the public. They always have an answer to everything and appear larger than life. However, as we have advanced into the millennium directors have sought to push the envelope of social convention. Thus, movies routinely show promiscuous behavior and promote alternative lifestyles well outside the mainstream.  This is a reflection of their vision for the world in which we live. They often preach to us about their political views and that having proved mostly futile, they seek to bombard the public with said views in numerous poorly written films. They do influence people of similar intellect level as themselves though, and this does corrupt the purity of the social construct. It is another reason why society seems to rip itself apart. They look more beautiful than the average person, and they seem to have it all. They have gained the fruits of dissemination, as that is their primary job requirement. In doing so, they have lost what makes them unique and what makes them connect with regular people. Regular people don’t dole out thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, as we haven’t all become that vain yet.

The next group that distracts from living meaningful lives are the so-called professional sports athletes or as I like to call them perpetual professional adolescents. It says quite a bit about a society that encourages a percentage of its populace to pursue a career that never requires them to grow up or make a meaningful contribution to the world. So we have a lot of men and women that seemingly have formed a neurosis about their ability to compete in the world that you and I live in and this affects them so profoundly that they choose to play a game for the rest of their lives. They wouldn’t play of course if no one came to see them and this is a reflection of the degradation of society as well. Afterall, presumably, these people have misdiagnosed their condition, or conversely, they are in fact as dimwitted as they apparently imagine themselves. They make millions of dollars “entertaining” a fan base, but if that fanbase suddenly chose to give a damn about the real world and real life, they wouldn’t get paid a penny.  These DNA Allstars of professional sports then somehow imagine that the millions they have amassed can purchase them a brain. They are sadly mistaken in that regard, as they too attempt to lecture the American people. Their typical fans, of course, eat it up and believe it because they weren’t able to purchase one either.

My point to all of this is that people need to take stock of their own lives and nurture the friendships they possess because things like technology are corrupting how we form and maintain relationships. Secondly, say no to the debasement of our morals by these disconnected and obviously sexually deviant Hollywood celebrities. These people can’t seem to make it to the bathroom without sexually assaulting someone along the way. We need advice from people like that, as much as we need a case of the crabs. Also, who really would want to live their lives based on the choices of those cretins? Lastly, sports on a professional level are designed to distract the public from the directions our elected leaders take. If doubts remain then look up the reasoning behind the arenas of Ancient Rome; they gave the people Bread and Circuses to placate them so they wouldn’t howl too loudly as they were sodomized by their leaders. Real men and women don’t need to live their lives through sports figures, real men and women go out and live. The professional morons that can’t cut it intellectually contribute nothing to society but to hamper the self-awareness of those that follow their spectacles of uninhibited stupidity. They are only heroes to the unenlightened and misinformed. We live on planet Earth, they live in another dimension disconnected from the lives of regular people and thus haven’t the experience and most certainly not the intelligence to tell you and me how to live.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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