Neglection of Fidelity in Modern Society

Life can be tricky. We do not choose our families, but through life, if we are fortunate we get to select a few close friends with which to face the struggle. If our luck is even better, we find someone with whom we can share our dreams and desires for the future. We’ve all heard the stories of couples that have been together for up to sixty years. I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of such a journey with a partner as loyal as one that would remain for such a time. Stories such as this have been decreasing in number though, as my age increases exponentially.

Historically, families, we’re large and depended upon one another a great deal to survive. A man and woman together would often have six to ten kids or more, and this was standard practice. Everyone had to work together to have enough food to eat, and clothes to wear. Child labor was a common practice, and yes, it could be somewhat difficult for the children. It did one thing right though, it instilled a sense of discipline and a work ethic in these children and better prepared them to be adults. After all, we all know adulting requires work ad nauseum.  The dependency that these couples had upon one another helped to create a bond that lasted decades often until of them left this world. It built trust and the love even if it wasn’t always pleasant grew along with it. A general sense of morals was prevalent in what now seems a bucolic time in our history. Everyone had a sense of right and wrong however crude it may have been.

Today, the still waters of morality have become something akin to white water rapids, always changing and with each having their definition of right and wrong. Dating and wooing have become a rarely seen phantom of our pasts, that many seem to regard as a cliche of little significance. All seem to be in life for but one purpose, and that goal is self-indulgence in all the fruits of existence while only applying minimal effort. The hook-up culture that we see today is all about sexual gratification at the expense of any meaningful human relationships. The disintegration of a general sense of morality has made lasting relationships a rare and even more treasured phenomenon. Forbidden fruit is the sweeter fruit to those lacking morals, and they shun the idea of putting in time and work for what they can have immediately. One constant of today’s society seems to be instant gratification. It seems to be the only general principle that applies on a broad scale. The hook-up culture and a loss of our values have led to this destruction of family, faith, and sadly love.

I don’t believe that all is lost. We still have a generation of parents that can help to instill values and morals within their children. These children can grow up to become honorable and loyal adults. Men and women tend to approach casual sexual encounters as a conquest. The real conquest is the conquest of one’s desires and temptations. The hard road is almost always the morally correct choice. We have raised a crop of individuals in modern times that are little more than petulant children trapped in the bodies of adults. This is why they choose the easy path over the honorable and more difficult. The fact that so many lack maturity is the primary factor in the erosion of morals. Instant gratification is what we expect from a spoiled child, they cry and throw tantrums to get the things they want. They don’t expect to have to work for it, and neither do many adults. We have to instill a work ethic in our children which will, in turn, impart discipline. We should monitor our children’s viewing habits and most definitely the types of people they call friends. I don’t propose to control every aspect of a child’s life, but I wholeheartedly endorse a return to a morally based parenting system that will repopulate our world with mature adults. Everything starts from the ground up. We can’t build a house without a foundation, and the same is true of adults. We can create a better world for our children by not handicapping them to the realities many of which are harsh that they will face as adults.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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