Have we reached a Crossroads?

This country was founded on the concept of liberty and freedom from persecution by those with unmitigated power. It established the precept that all men are created equal while much of the country existed in a paradox which still enslaved some of their fellow men. Gradually sanity prevailed through toil and bloodshed, and equal rights were granted to all citizens, and a golden age sprung forth of real freedom and liberty. As our country has advanced technologically and economically one form of servitude has been replaced by another that is more insidious. It convinces many people of their freedom while tightening the noose of control under the guise of security and safety.  Forces exist within our country that has operated above the law and persecuted the powerless and makes laws that they have no intention of following. 

There is a real chance that this new administration might begin to reel in the power of these corrupt groups and individuals and start to bring these lawless entities to justice. Many of these shadowy figures have sought to hijack the election process and to attempt a soft coup against a lawfully elected president. I’m not naive enough to believe that they would enact such sweeping measures against such people unprovoked but I think self-preservation will bring justice to those that have sought to ruin this great country.  Once the people get a taste of what real justice is I believe such crackdowns will spread nationwide and we can finally get the crooks that have appointed themselves our superiors behind bars where many of them belong.

Such men that attempt to curtail freedom under the guise of security are mere beta-males. They are the lowest of the low, and they lack honor and integrity. They use falsehoods such as protecting people to enact measures of control because they lack the intestinal fortitude to directly challenge anyone they disagree with and will cower behind regulations because they were never really men in the first place. These are the people that have lied their way into power structures across the country, and they are responsible for the rampant corruption. They can’t play fair and never could because of their weakness and impotence and can never win on an equal playing field. These are the men that seek to destroy our country and overthrow the dually elected President. They are everywhere because we have allowed dishonesty to become a sort of virtue in our society and that time is quickly coming to an end.

I hope that once the dominoes begin to fall it will embolden the rest of my countrymen to take back their local and state governments from the beta-male conmen that have run this country into a debt that would stretch from the earth all the way to the moon. We have allowed our intellectual inferiors to run our lives. In this country, in many places, the inmates have secured control of the asylum. When anyone says they are doing it for security purposes in most cases, they are seeking to erode our freedoms. Those without common sense can’t possibly enact sensible security and couldn’t secure a grain of sand in the desert. They are flim-flam men, a caricature of what men are supposed to be and they should be ridiculed and jailed for their raping of society. Let’s join the President and take this country back from the criminals that control it, and seek to control thought itself!

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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