The Q-Anon Phenomenon

The Q-Anon saga appeared out of nowhere with some mysterious entity promising classified intel relevant to current events aimed at some broader plan to take out the globalists. I stumbled upon this by chance due to an odd post by someone I follow and have taken a brief journey down the rabbit-hole of disinformation and lies. The releases by this Q are always produced with enough vagueness that speculation follows of their true meaning, countless scenarios laid out for the desperate group that imagines some omnipotent force in the shadows as their ally. It is not dissimilar to the television psychic that throws everything they can dream of against a wall until something sticks; it’s a con game.

If such a person or group existed that knows all of this intelligence, and this person or group hasn’t shared that Intel until late 2017, then what were they doing before that time? If this person or group were indeed releasing classified intel, they would have likely have been discovered by now and killed, and replaced by someone else that will feed lies and disinformation to the public to hinder the goals of those seeking an end to corruption in our government.    In actuality, its probably some five-hundred pound guy in his grandparent’s basement putting out vague posts and feeling relevant for the first time in his pathetic existence.

The principle this douche operates on is the same as any confidence man, he delivers hope to those that are desperate, and those desperate souls will defend the architect of their ignorance until death to get their fix of comforting lies. The truth is there isn’t anyone in the know that gives two shits about what regular folks want in their governing bodies; it is up to us to make those changes. For us to make those changes we have to abandon the fantasy of mysterious benefactors looking out for us, no one that has anything of substance will risk losing it to help those without, so those without power must snatch it away from career politicians and crooks.

This is America, we didn’t become a great nation by depending on the great and powerful king and his decrees, we became great by going out and seizing the day! We shed the rule of an antiquated system and built a new one based on liberty and justice. Antiquity has revisited us in the form of forces within our government not answerable to the people. They have been following the same playbook for over fifty years and people are starting to awaken to their duplicitous nature. This in part explains a need to believe in the fairytale that is Q-Anon. We’d like to believe that one of the sociopaths suddenly developed a conscience and is now on our side. Someone with such an alleged clearance doesn’t reach those heights with anything resembling a conscience and is beyond a benevolent change of heart. Don’t fall for the misdirection and instead stay focused on cleaning up our country!! Remember to like and share.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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