I am on what seems a never-ending search for truth in a world that has carefully and in some cases not so carefully constructed a countenance not consistent with palpability. I don’t approach life like other people, people that are all to content to believe in narratives that are consistent with their personal views. I abhor anything that isn’t genuine, and as a result, I seem to exist within the tiniest minority on this plane of existence. I don’t for a second believe I am somehow superior to these other ‘individuals’. However, I do use the term individual loosely.

We learn much in our formative years from those presumably more seasoned and hip to the nuances of life. It is quite easy to accept this instruction without question and live out our lives not as ourselves but as an intransigent unwilling to see the world as it is, but only as it’s shown to us. We all possess biases, and it is clear that any instruction we receive will be incomplete. It does seem to create factions within our society, wings that are all operating on incorrect and incomplete information. These camps tend to clash with each other which further solidifies in an intolerant mind their ill-conceived notions of reality.

I’m an observer of human nature and what drives people to perpetuate activities both good and bad. It’s true that insecurities drive men and women.  This is further complicated by the aforementioned incomplete information with which they live their lives. They construct fantasies within what they see as their reality. This is clearly a ridiculous fusion of their creation. They combine their incomplete understanding of the nature of life with insecurities based on phantoms they’ve created and construct artificial worlds where only the people and information that is consistent with their obstinate imaginations are allowed entry.

This formulation of fantasy undoubtedly creates the divisions we see today. I feel like a wanderer all alone in a world of people that though they may try can never know the person that I am. People tend to see what corresponds to their preconceptions. I try to look at all sides of the issues, and I too have biases based on past experiences. However, I always try to give a fair shake to new ideas and often hold on to that sense of fairness long after it should have expired. I continuously seek to disprove my supposition when it comes to the vast majority of other people I encounter. I rarely succeed in doing so. My lack of success convinces me that for most people my analysis is correct.

My ability to connect on an emotional level with people is limited. I’m very dispirited by inauthentic people and things. I would like to sit here and say that this perfidious air that I accurately diagnose in others isn’t the fault of the disingenuous. The truth is we all are given the same faculties in a broad sense, discounting, of course, the mentally challenged. We then all have the same ability to learn the truth of things to break out of any conditioning that we may have endured. People break off into tribes of like-minded individuals because it feels safe and comfortable for them. In a sense, their behavior is no different from herd animals that congregate in groups to protect themselves from predators. Herd mentality is the contrivance of their insecurities based on the false premise of dogmatic views. The vast majority of people then tend to operate almost as automatons, living from day to day on that animal instinct as if they have somehow failed to maturate over the millennia.

We as human beings need a meaningful purpose in life, and we must trust ourselves enough to seek the real truth of things and not take the words of others as the absolute truth. Other people in positions of authority over us are just like us; they are faulty, prejudiced, and selfish. We create our realities whether they be good or ill. Let us create one constructed on the unmatched beauty of truth, honor, and justice.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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