The Brevity of Existence

Life is conceived in a brief moment. Like a flash of lightning, it is ignited, and in that same instantaneous flash, it can end. We begin life in our early years sure of our future and confident of the greatness we will achieve.  Life is a wonder to behold, and the possibilities seem endless. It is impossible for the young not too long to be older, to go out and do all those great things that they imagined.  Without even realizing it we begin to wish our time away so we can move on to what we consider a grand adventure.

It does not take long for the harsh realities to make themselves apparent to us. Indeed we witness much of the callousness of human nature as children but believe it is but a product of our inexperience and our youth. So much of the childhood fantasies we had so fastidiously maintained begin to seem foolish. We come face to face with the reality that most of what we were learned of human kindness and generosity was merely a form of appeasement. It was meant to alleviate the burden that our childhood zeal put upon the minds of our elders. They had long ago ran into a brick wall an affirmation of their fears about life as we come to know it.

It is often a difficult transition, but we do not find ourselves without purpose. Living with purpose is essential; an overriding goal must always inhabit our minds. Those without are as a boat adrift at sea, always wondering where the tide will take them. They lose that which gives us all hope, and that is a persistent determination to reach the destination we have in mind. So many significant historical figures failed a hundred times or more before they finally got it right. I’m not suggesting that one’s purpose must be grandiose. I only suggest that it is important more than anything else is to have a mark on the map of life no matter how difficult or how far and to never stop trying to get there.

The weak lose their purpose and while they may achieve what many would consider great things in life it is often ill-gotten gains made from treacherous dealings with their fellow man. It is not a sign of strength to deceive to seek to plunder the wealth and destroy the trust of honest people. It is a sign of insecurity. After all, one wouldn’t need to resort to such means if one had confidence in their abilities. Life, unfortunately, breaks many people causing them to travel down the path of shallowness. That’s why a strong will is the most important quality we can nurture in ourselves. For the shallow may lie and they may cheat, but it is only our desire to believe in the integrity of others machinations that ever allow us to be deceived.  As long as our determination remains strong and we remain focused on our target, the stratagems of the prevaricators can only come to ruin just as they all will before the seat of judgment.

I will close with this. It is easy to lose hope; it’s much harder to continue day after day to fight the good fight. That’s how you know that fighting that conflict is the honorable and correct choice. Things do come easy to the deceivers among us, but they lose their souls in the process. We must always strive to do right for the right reasons. That doesn’t mean that we lay down for the wicked, on the contrary, we carry the fight to them with a fiery determination and steely resolve that we exhibit as we progress towards an existence with a real and meaningful purpose.



Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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