Unbarred Hearts

The world can be a dark and unforgiving place filled with a multitude of obstacles. Each of us makes our way through the morass as best as we can. It isn’t just nature that challenges us along the way. Fellow human beings also challenge us either directly or indirectly as they seek to procure resources for themselves and their families. The world can at times seem cold and unforgiving even to the strongest. At times, it seems as if it is every-man for himself. A kind word or helping hand can make a huge difference in the lives of all people. Giving has become a rarity in a society that is ever-evolving and ever-increasing in pace.

A gift is not something that the receiver ever believes that they are entitled to receive. When people feel as if they deserve something, having obtained it they don’t feel enriched or appreciative of the bounty they have received. We find such generosity on selfish souls wasted, and it only serves to hurt rather than help their situation. The giver must not ever give out of selfishness either, for if they only offer to receive praise from others they wish to impress their hearts are empty, and their compassion is an illusion. Such behavior adds to the quotient of sadness and suffering in this world. They must give out of love for their fellow man, and from a place of deep humility.

Such selfishness is not confined to government-endorsed programs designed to buy votes but increasingly has infected places of worship that many faithful choose to congregate. Giving for adulation is not truly giving, and those that seek to pervert the virtuous among our society by broadcasting their proposed benevolence drive truly moral people away from the faith. To win on earth men attempt to win a popularity contest, as that is the way to achieve victory on earth. Winning for heaven is following moral laws, and seeking to please all that is virtuous and eschewing worldly praise and prominence.

However, giving isn’t entirely about those that share the faith. We all know within our hearts what is truly right and wrong. We feel it with each decision that we make every day of our lives. We may choose to ignore that feeling, but deep down we know the purity of such intuition. Those without faith can still pursue a moral, righteous path when dealing with their fellow man.  We all have intuition or gut-instinct, and while it isn’t always right, it is often a good indicator of the correct path.

We can never expect a helping hand from our fellow man until we open of hearts and minds to the idea of giving from a place of humility and love. We are in this together and none of us make it out alive. We should leave something behind that will positively affect the lives of others and not something that enriches our lives or the lives of our families alone. Leave this world with love in someone’s heart, someone that might have lost hope until you emerged from the darkness of this world bringing forth light to an otherwise dreary existence. Live not for selfishness but openness and healing. We set the examples that future generations will follow, let them be good ones.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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