Identity: Defined by you or Society

We like to consider ourselves independent and free from the labels of society. However,   passive stances upon the designs of others have led to some of the most significant tragedies of history. Governments, for example, take freedoms a little at a time and perhaps because their encroachments don’t affect us directly we ignore it. Eventually, as is often the case they wind up at our doors and demand our servitude. Having ignored the persecution of those not within our click, we are surprised when the same abuse is brought down upon us. Principles are about standing up for someone that can’t stand for themselves. This should be second nature to men within any society. Today our world is populated with men that are controlled by an overarching and insidious political agenda designed to malign and disenfranchise men as a segment of the population. Men aren’t allowed to be men and are told that they are what is wrong with society. While it is true that men populate the prisons and commit violent acts, it is but a symptom of a culture that no longer encourages men to be men.  

Noble acts of chivalry are considered sexist and in some states even a prelude to sexual harassment charges. We as men are supposed to be protectors; we historically have been charged with behaving honorably and defending our villages and homesteads from the abhorrent designs of encroachers. However, today we treat many of our warriors as garbage to be discarded like a memorial to a bygone era. The world is only too happy to make use of a man’s natural talents for warfare or protection, but once they have been utilized then people see no need for such men in society. The people that represent the American public in public offices have never lived a day of ordinary life, so it isn’t too surprising that such vermin would allow society to implode due to political correctness and ignorance to basic biology that never changes no matter how much these insipid fools might wish it.

Parents send their kids off to school, and in most cases, these children are becoming indoctrinated with political correctness and the false idea that men somehow are privileged and must be marginalized. Most parents, of course, don’t realize the faulty instructions that their kids are receiving. They are not being educated, but instead being brainwashed into viewing reality through the distorted lenses of a social justice warrior. Indeed, justice should be the bedrock of society! However, what these loathsome individuals call justice merely is granting privileges to one group over another. That isn’t justice. That is inequality plain and simple! This will lead to the breakdown of what we consider classical civilization. Reality ignored is still the reality, and like most things that are swept under the rug, it will come back and bite us all in our posteriors.

As men, we need to set an honorable example for younger generations. We can’t allow ourselves to go along with this insane agenda that denigrates all that makes us whom we are. Men need women, and women need men. Creating this division among the sexes is no different than class warfare. It’s a divide and conquer strategy, after all, why would we ever expect such vile individuals of having an original thought. People go along because they don’t wish to make waves, but as men, we are supposed to stand for what is right and condemn all that is wrong including among our kind. We can’t allow society to define what we are, and we are the architects of our destinies and the protectors of this world for future generations. We must write our book, or as many societies before us have learned others will write them for us. We can do this by getting real people in leadership positions and a common sense approach to policy. Term limits and money out of politics are the only sensible way forward. A return to sanity and an end to the battle against masculinity.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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