The Resolute

Existence is challenged by the persistence of time. Its passage ravages all things and grinds them into dust. However, examples abound in nature that proves that resolve can lessen the deteriorating effect and allows some objects to last for millions of years.  The mountains we see today are the product of plate tectonics and receding glaciers that carved jagged peaks that have existed long before any human being was on earth. These mammoth structures do erode over time, but they have been in existence long before us and will remain long after we are gone.  Change is a constant that there can be no dispute. The earth is made of sterner stuff those most of its inhabitants. Many are all too happy to be carried away by whatever external force prods them. Like leaves upon the wind, they glide through life with no discernable self-control. This form of existence is the easy path in life, and more often the easy route isn’t the correct one. 

There are people among us that take a cue from nature and resolutely face the ravages of time and other external forces to carve their path. These people are few and grow less in number each day. I believe that such people are the reason we have such a great nation today. Sure you could point the incredible and in many cases ridiculous political divisions among our peoples. This nation is still a nation that tries to stand for what is right in the world. We born from the fires of revolution are the eternal underdogs, and we strive to see the underdog succeed worldwide. A country founded on the American dream, where anyone with a goal and willingness to put in the work can have their piece of the pie.

It is with sadness that I conceive that many of my fellow citizens have become disillusioned in the grand American experiment we have here.  We see corruption brought about by a loss of confidence in our nation’s institutions. People tend to have a herd mentality and like to follow the leader. It becomes problematic when a leader leads them down the path of dishonor. We were fortunate that we had such exceptional leaders during the formation of our country.  Despots often fill the vacuums that are created when good leaders are lost. That is not to say that only a specific class may lead, for as is readily apparent in modern times class is a subjective subject. Money doesn’t buy it and schmoozing the nearest benefactor only grants you resentment among those that already imagine themselves better than you.

It would seem then that the path of the resolute that I propose for myself and my fellow man will not be a popular one. The mass of citizenry is almost entirely cast into one mold, and that mold being irresolute.  People automatically despise and distrust people that they think are different than them. Also, no one wishes to journey down the arduous path in life. This is where projection comes into play. People that recognize a person as different will project their fears, thoughts, and insecurities upon the target of their distrust. For example, just look back into the not so distant past and examine the burnings of people labeled witches. It is known with a high degree of certainty that these people were merely different from the co-inhabitants of the villages and that people tend to project their fears of the unknown onto individuals that they cannot understand. This lack of understanding could merely be a result of the targeted individual’s reclusiveness or reluctance to befriend the instigators.

However, even with such drastic measure instituted, it is still incumbent upon people to be true to themselves. The real witches in those villages were the ones that found a moral logic for incinerating their fellow man. The ones burned did die, but unlike the ones that torched them, they perished with honor. They can go on to meet their maker with a clear conscience and a soul to match. Those that would presume to co-opt God’s wrath no doubt were in for a “hell” of a surprise. If we are not true to ourselves, then we are fiction to the world and God. God sees all and knows all, and we are but empty vessels that fall far short of his glory. Our hearts guide us in the proper direction almost without fail, and we should listen to them because our heart is an extension of the soul.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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