Sins of the Past

History is a subject that many fail to comprehend. The horrors of past are the most oft-repeated and what many will cite when questioned about their knowledge of the matter. Lessons from history though never quite sink into the human psyche. While the actor’s appearance may change over millennia, the results of their actions are repeated over and over again. We so often fail to appreciate the significance of the mistakes made by those that have come before us. We tend to be stubborn and resolutely follow the same patterns once tread by our ancestors and never learn the significance of their mistakes until we too fall into the same quandary. Religion teaches us morals and is a guideline by which to live a righteous lifestyle. Too often though, I see those espousing such beliefs while not truly understanding the moral responsibility that they have to question poor behavior when they learn of it. They tend to equivocate endlessly when a sin is brought to the forefront of conversation to which they have also fallen prey. 

Equivocation in the form of cherry picking bible verses such as the often quoted “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If they genuinely believe that sins that they have committed should be ignored then logically that could be expanded to include the sins of all other men which would, in turn, negate the logic of following the moral code that religion lays out. If we must give a man a pass because we have once transgressed, then the sacredness of our holy texts are meaningless to those that trumpet its glory.

Opponents of religion will point to hypocrisy and claim that followers of faith are hypocrites for denouncing others for bad behavior. They will often learn that the denouncers were once sinners themselves. The liberal strategy is to define everything it opposes with catchy buzzwords. Liberals like to invent the definitions and twist their meaning to suit the narrative they wish to project. Hypocrisy would be denouncing a man for doing a deed that you are still engaging in. The pseudo-intellectual Christians that want to sidestep issues based on the misdeeds of their past are merely infected by the ever-changing definitions of our words as given to us by the liberal talking heads. They in effect are corrupting the religion that they love, and weakening it for future generations and opening it up to attack from those with wicked intentions. I call such Christians what they are; they are the veneer on an increasingly decaying building that is assailed from all sides. They are in effect deists, and sadly these people are the ones most apt to represent Christians around the world.

They are the money-grubbers that Jesus threw from the temple. They lack in faith in themselves and God. They weaken a religion that many rely upon by their avoidance of God’s law in favor of their interpretation of it. The rainy-day Christians always make a good showing when times are good, but evaporate like morning fog when the heat is applied to their virtue. Those that believe they can fool God will betray their fellow man with an absence of remorse. I see these facades every day, and the hollowness of their souls do a disservice to religion. These people drive away new believers and destroy the credibility of the few that still practice faithfully.


I would implore anyone that would call themselves Christian to end their equivocation and the perversion of our faith. Sins of our past can be forgiven but denying that sins exist in others because we might cast an uncomfortable light upon our misdeeds is unacceptable and cowardly and utterly lacking faith in our God. Religion is not about pleasing men but in repairing the damage to our souls and those similarly lost on the path of life. The real purpose is found not in hiding from our sins, but in meeting them with courage backed by our faith in the creator and overcoming them as an example for others. We can restore people’s confidence in the goodwill and charity of God-fearing men and women. This can’t happen with condescension or prevarication but must be done with honor and integrity. We must face our demons as we battle the evils of the world. There is no honor in running from a fight. Soldiers of the faith don’t run, and they don’t lie and cheat. Corrupted souls lead to corrupted lives and a perversion of morality that mustn’t be allowed to stand.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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