Meeting with the man that wasn’t there.

Day to day living is fraught with a whirlwind of decisions that are made on the fly. Scheduling the daily regimen of workouts, meals, and family decisions and then meeting those obligations on the best of days is a tedious monotony. On the worst of days, it can seem as if nothing will go as planned. When we add more people to our decisions and into our lives, this necessarily complicates all facets of them. Many people though greet each day as a physical presence, but emotionally they are but a shadow of their true selves. It begs the question, in a world that depends almost entirely on logic and rational thinking how can so many exist that hide their true nature? 

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the tired cliche about dogs. It is said that our four-legged friends can determine the true nature of a person on their first encounter with them. This does seem to ring true in many cases. Dogs are more in tune with the baser instincts than we humans. We like to think of ourselves as more developed than any mere beast. How can we as a species be evolved, if we masquerade through our lives pretending to be something we are not?

So many of those that we meet are merely a facade made to look appealing to the outside world, covering a soul that is shrouded in darkness and despair. Those so wounded by life that they must go to great lengths to conceal the darkness that resides within can be quite dangerous to those of us that only rely upon a logical and rational approach to the assessment of other human beings.  I’ve spent most of my life discarding that “gut” feeling or intuition if you will, and have found that in most cases it was one-hundred percent correct. Still, though I doggedly clung to the notion that such feelings were nonsense and proceeded with my rational or scientific approach of the analyzations of the motives of others.

As with most things in my life it took betrayal by a love interest to finally drive home the precedence of these feelings I  get from people. I had already known that there was no greater betrayal than to be betrayed by one’s own heart, so I took precautions against such a recurrence of self-deception. I never believed for a moment that the one I loved would betray me but expected my heart to do so instead. It turns out that I was half right, and they both abandoned me in the end. I was guarding against my ineffectual attempts at love and like a fool somehow managed to protect myself from the object of my affection as it sought to plunge the knife deep into my back. From that moment on, I never doubted my gut feelings about the true nature of people ever again.

When two people meet for the first time, it seems like there are four people present. There is the person that they wish the world to see, and then there is the actual reality hiding just beneath the surface. My instinct has protected me from many people that weren’t as they appeared. They appear to me now as they are. I don’t recognize it as an instinct at this stage in life; I see what is truly there or in most cases what isn’t there. I see a world full of people focused only on themselves, and have built this image of themselves for others and have themselves forgotten their true nature. We inhabit a world of deceit, and the chief architect of our deception is in fact ourselves. We play along like foolish children with the delusions of others, and many feel compelled to create an illusionary version of themselves to join the masquerade. How do you trust in a world of shadows? I would urge to incorporate your intuition and instinct into your rational thought so that you might have a balanced approach to threat reduction as it relates to our apparitional brethren of deception. We may overcome this shallow society by teaching our children the importance of honesty and integrity. We may not either because when hearing of depravities committed by fellow humans, its difficult to be surprised of the depths of pure evil that they will go. It’s crucial to analyze everything logically, but equally important in my mind is keeping one’s connection to your soul open so that you may use your God given talent of discernment in the form of intuition. Live with honor and integrity and set the example you would have others follow.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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