The Dichotomy of Social Standards

We share the earth with one another, each society drawing upon its core beliefs to adopt ethical and social standards for behavior among its citizens. While I can’t be sure if every nation on earth has the same issues, it does seem apparent that these rules are stringently applied to one group while simultaneously allowing another group a tremendous amount of leeway. The dominance of pc-culture has further stretched the limits of cogency to once widely accepted standards of behavior. Many dare not speak their minds for fear of alienating a segment of society that has only just been manifested from the imaginations of neurotic individuals. Thus these standards that were so poorly applied systematically before these new manifestations of delusional identity disorder have further deteriorated.

Let’s start with a rather simple example of imbalanced enforcement of ethical behavior. In this scenario, we have a group of men discussing a crass joke with the most descriptive and lewd language at their disposal. Let us say that a solitary woman wanders into the room these men occupy. In the majority of cases, these men will cease their conversation or at least tone it down to a less perceptible level. For the sake of this example though, let us imagine that they continue to discuss their topic in salacious detail. What usually happens in these cases, and predominately more so in modern society, is that the female will report these men and it’s likely that they will receive punishment for their lack of tact. Conversely, let us imagine a group of women having a similar conversation and a solitary male wanders into the room. Men are not as easily offended in most cases by this form of behavior when it comes from women. Yes, it can be a turnoff, but it doesn’t impact our feelings in such a way that would cause us to seek recourse. Of course, women know that the majority of men feel this way and thus they usually see no need to modify their behavior in such a scenario even though they would expect such modifications if the roles were reversed. This template of your average man also makes any claims a man might make in this regard seem dubious to most to which they would express these allegations. So this is the first significant imbalance in standards and treatment among groups of people in society.

Race relations have become a social issue at various times throughout the history of my country.  Inequality once drove this issue and rightly so to the forefront of the social sphere of perception. There was a time when people weren’t allowed certain liberties based only on the pigmentation of their skin. We after much struggle and soul-searching as a nation overcome this ignorant bias or so we thought. Now we have those that wish to continually sow the seeds of discord among what they call different races to gain a political advantage over their opponents. However, I am of the mind that we are all part of the human race and that is what should be important. We are united as a nation of one people or that is indeed how it should be.  Powerful interests wish to keep us divided and sow discord among us so we will be forever their docile and obedient servants. If one that identifies as a conservative disagrees with a liberal approach to social equality, he or she is labeled racist as an attempt to shut down the discussion. We are told that those with a dissimilar pigmentation from a Caucasian American can’t practice racism. We, of course, know that this is illogical because people are predisposed to distrust that which is perceived differently. Our controllers have decided to highlight these differences to keep us at odds with one another, rather than focusing on the things that bring us all closer together. We are one race, the human race. The sooner we realize that we can begin to control our destinies and take our country back from the manipulative swine that wish to rule by division. This is another imbalance much like the first example, artificially manufactured by people that in their hubris imagine themselves capable of controlling us through sophism.

Pc-culture is nothing more than manipulation on a mass scale to drive people like cattle into groups that are separate and thus weakened by their isolation; they are then easily controlled. It is a form of totalitarianism, similar to prison camps constructed during wartime. The architects of our imprisonment have cleverly hidden the bars. They have effectively caused disparate segments of society to self-segregate and trapped many in a prison of lies. It all comes back to honor and integrity. We have lost track of what makes us all human, by fighting constant battles with each other for the amusement of those that control us like puppet masters. They know that by keeping us fighting amongst ourselves, we will never recognize the real face of our enemy. Technocratic rule by a powerful elite that seeks to assert total control through monopolization of ideas and complete control of the ever-evolving social construct that they invent on a whim to keep us occupied and focused on the very minute differences between us. We should instead focus on what makes us all human. Let’s focus on our dreams and our love of our families and returning to a life of honor and integrity and treating everyone as we wish to be treated. We can break these chains of enslavement that our manipulative shadow ruling class has entrapped us in and return to being a nation of one people of the only race that matters the Human race. We are brothers and sisters, our real enemy awaits, and that enemy has continuously divided us, and they can only be defeated by a united people.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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