‘Et Tu, Brute?’

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the Shakespeare tragedy, “Julius Caesar”. In it, much like in real life the Roman emperor is assaulted by a mob of Senators driven by fear and envy on the Senate floor. When Caesar sees his friend, a man he trusts among the conspirators wielding a knife, his will to live leaves him. He allegedly utters the words “Et Tu, Brute?”, Meaning and you, Brutus? At that moment, this betrayal took the fight out of him, and he threw his robe over his head as his “friend” struck the killing blow. Duplicity from those we trust tends to do more killing than a knife ever could because it destroys the fiber of our being a piece at a time.

Betrayal has become a familiar facet of today’s society. I have witnessed many that call themselves friends betray those to whom they have pledged allegiance. These same people are in turn betrayed by those that they believe are their friends. They shout to the heavens about the injustice of it all, ignoring their proclivity for treachery. They only recognize the malicious nature of others and rationalize their behavior to justify their repugnant practice when dealing with their fellow man.  This closely parallels Shakespeare’s play as Caesar himself had betrayed many and is shocked to find that his friend lacked the morals to be steadfast in his defense.

Human beings attract that which is reflective of their nature. Those that would call a duplicitous person their friend must themselves be in possession of iniquitous morals. We gravitate toward the familiar. Some good people also tend to gravitate towards those of nefarious intentions, but they do so because nothing can be so seductive as that which is forbidden and needs rescuing. The good among us gets sucked in because we get inundated with a selfish and morally bankrupt culture of rapine lasciviousness. A culture where charlatans claiming to be the intermediaries between God and the rest of us rob us of our wealth while telling us giving them all our money will make us wealthy. This society is dominated by self-aggrandizement where family, morality, and helping your fellow man is not a priority but a maybe if I have the time.

This is also a society where those that are supposedly our superiors set examples for behavior such as lying and attempting to disrupt the lives of others just because of a deep-seeded envy within them. They routinely speak with insolency of their underlings to others they consider to be as morally bankrupt as they are. People have less class than a lady of ill-repute in a quarter brothel without indoor plumbing. They are self-absorbed and don’t care how much pain they cause others.  Life is but a game to them where the only gratification they receive is tearing at the fabric of all that is good and causing chaos and confusion amongst the few that remain that seek to exist with honor.

What are we to do in a world such as this? We must never descend to the level of these diseased parasites, these soul-sucking destructive scourges. The imperative should be to continue living our lives in an honorable and morally adept way. Change can only come about by a well-set example. It may not come even then, but  when the flames of essence are finally extinguished, I would like to be able to say to myself “I gave it my everything, and never compromised what is important in life.” They say’if you can’t beat them, join them.’ I say that is capitulation and unworthy of a person with honor. There can be no surrender; compromise is non-negotiable when it comes to the sanctity of one’s soul. Now more than ever it is important to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, the darkness approaches as it did Caesar’s Rome, which it eventually engulfed in totality.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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