Ode to the Self-Centers of the Universe

I sometimes have trouble sleeping and it’s not from lack of fatigue. Indeed, it is an abundance of fatigue, a fatigue of societal ills. This compels me at times, to write. Writing seems to be the one true refuge of an exacerbated mind.

A very good friend of mine and I have been discussing the complete apathetic nature of society. We have even discussed at times how that apathy can sometimes bleed over and into an otherwise honorable person. I can not claim to bear the cross of righteousness, but I can say that I do worry about a decaying of morals within myself as well as those around me.

One can look at various social media sites and indeed the so-called news media sites, and see the selfishness in which our world abounds. Selfishness is the source of most of the societal ills in this day and age. You can clearly see that most don’t even attempt to hide their motives anymore. I would contend though that an enemy seen, is an enemy half-way defeated. What truly disgusts me are those that seek to hide their own selfish motives under a halo of benevolence. I am far from perfect in my own eyes or the eyes of God. I do strive to be a better human being each day of my life, albeit often failing to reach my goals. It is still of the utmost importance that we try to reach that goal.

We are a species that have seemed to lose our hearts somewhere along the way. We often times are shocked by the horrific acts of others, but we don’t intervene to stop these acts from occurring. Friends used to be your second family, a family that would gladly give their lives for each other. I have very few friends that would go that far for me. Under the right circumstances, I would probably give my life for anyone. Part of that is because I have been trained to do so. I would always lay down my life for true and honest friends with or without training because I recognize that as the honorable thing to do.

Honor, like loyalty, honesty, and love have become nothing but clichés for the majority of people. They are mere platitudes that people throw out on occasion in order to feed their own hubris and self-serving desires. People that truly know and understand me realize that I’m a throwback to when words actually meant something. Those that don’t know me probably believe I’m as full of dung as they themselves are. Life is as always a work in progress, but no progress can be made unless we better ourselves and more importantly, positively enhance the lives of others. Life is a service to a higher authority than the self. Words have to mean something, they should not be used unless they are meant. Lies shouldn’t be told to placate a person or enhance one’s own self-image. Greet the day and seize the day for a better world.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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