The backwards thinking and policies of supposedly learned gentlemen.

This country was founded by people who understood the need for freedom. They knew the value of minding their own business. They escaped a tyrannical king that sought to impose his will upon them. They dared to stand against what was then the most powerful force on earth. They didn’t just give up, thinking that they would never win. They had faith in their cause, they put faith in something greater than themselves. They didn’t just put that faith in God, they put their faith in principles. They knew in their hearts and souls that they were on a solid foundation morally and factually and that they must try. You can’t deny your heart and soul, and still respect yourself afterward. It doesn’t matter the consequences, you should do what is right.

Today, our leaders pale in comparison to the heroes of old. They lack any principles or backbones. They stand for whatever puts more money in their pockets, not what is right or wrong. This country would not exist if today’s leaders were in the position of our founders. We would all be speaking the King’s English and drinking hot tea every day.

My entire life there has been no solution to the border problem. Each successive administration and Congress have offered solutions. Unfortunately, none of these so-called solutions have affected the security of our nation’s borders. Either they weren’t implemented of widespread amnesty was granted. The laws we have on the books aren’t enforced. It’s like our leaders have decided they don’t like us anymore and want to create a permanent underclass that can always be relied upon to vote on infringement of liberties. I would say it isn’t too far-fetched to say that is exactly what is going on.

Meanwhile, we are always involved overseas trying to fix another country. We haven’t fixed ours yet. Since the federal reserve was given the power of the purse our country hasn’t been “our” country. The founders warned of such a banking system. The founders also warned about sticking our nose’s in the affairs of others. Wars create money, but money for a few with something to gain by them. Soldiers certainly don’t become rich by them. I believe that the old men that talk so loudly about fighting these wars should be the ones that go and fight them. It would give them a new perspective on things.

I hear all the time by these same old men, “We can’t become isolationists”. They use the argument that we got dragged into World War II because we minded our own business. I had personally thought it was because we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. It seems that facts can change from time to time as long as you’re some greedy old man with nothing to lose. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking after our own country and leaving others to their own devices. When someone steps on our toes, we make a good example out of them by burying them in the earth’s core. Minding our own business can work. When we must act, we must do it with conviction. We can’t lackadaisically fight wars and hope to make an impression on pea brained adversaries that only understand violence. We must bury them so deep that no one would dare challenge us.

We have to get back to looking for what is best for America. We can’t use political correctness as an excuse to destroy our great nation with floods of an underclass, or with engaging in senseless wars we have no intention of putting a concerted effort into. You can’t halfway do something like that. You can’t halfway let people into this country that have broken the law for years. We see where that has gotten us. We don’t respect our borders, why should anyone else? You never halfway fight a war. You only fight when you must. If you must, you have to be prepared to destroy that enemy! A precedence is set by indecisiveness. That precedence will erode the security of this country and the respect it once received from countries around the world. It has already done this in spades.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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