Life can be challenging and overwhelming. At times, it can seem as if the world is against us. Almost, as if the stars themselves have aligned to deposit that special excrement upon our heads. It is important to remember than many things in this life, seem to occur in cycles. Times may be tough, but we must keep on doggedly moving forward no matter what hardships we face. We will be rewarded for our perseverance at some point, if only with a chance to relax in sweet bliss for a spell.

We must never allow hardship to keep us down or dampen our desire for a better tomorrow. We are here to learn a lesson I believe. I believe it will take many of us a lifetime to learn just what that lesson may be. We have a purpose greater than ourselves to fulfill. We are all special in our own ways. Given the right circumstances the least among us adds substance to this life and to the universe. We can all add to the happiness of others. Sometimes, just a kind word or a reassuring look might be all it will take.

A quiet bit of solitude looking out over nature’s beauty can often help us find our center. Communion with one’s self is just as important as communion with others. Surround yourself honest and caring friends. When a person tells me they have a lot of friends, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. True friends never come in great number, and a small number of true friends is greater than an army of false ones. We must never lose sight of hope no matter how tough things may get for us. Each of us suffers, struggles, and blindly searches for our way, our truth in life. Learn from your past, but don’t stare back it for so long that you step off the cliff in your future.