Appearances and all that….

We live in a world where appearance is everything. It goes to such extremes that substance no longer matters to many, just the semblance of something substantial. If one can appear to be benevolent, then they consider themselves, thus, while never bothering to put in the work required to be what they project. Work a term that most trumpet but never actually do, instead they spend half of their lives seeking to avoid any real effort of any kind. They rail against the injustice of the world’s persecution; persecution they believe has been unjustly wrought at the hands of seeds they have sown. A world where everyone is only too happy to imitate the haphazard approach to life that so many seem to propagate.
We live our lives set one against another, all while smiling and pretending to love our fellow man. A fraction of us comprises what is, in effect, a minority. We are the ones that feel born out of time, disconnected phantoms of a long-forgotten past. We glide from one illusion to the next, hoping to find a crumb of truth or anything authentic, but instead, we see more phantasms. Throngs that exist as cheap facades, imitations of what humanity should be, but never entirely made manifest before the eyes. The old souls, the loners, the intuitive, only see wisps of existence. The singular hope that keeps us moving forward is to find that one true refuge, one like no other that sees the world as we do and offers real love and affection, a safe harbor from this perpetual hell of idiocy.
That refuge is out there. It can be found, and once discovered, it will make all of the suffering and the enduring of the cheap dime novel characters that many affectionately call people worth it. Life all too often is like some low budget film; all the class of a wino and even fewer manners. We all have a purpose, it can be a painful journey for those of us that are observant and understand the depths of depravity to which humanity has become submerged. The outcasts, those with a gift not given to all, have a burden, unlike all the rest. We see what others don’t, we feel the things that others can’t or lack to capacity to feel. We spot the lies, the little deceptions played out daily, not just those inflicted upon us but all the ones inflicted upon those we know.
We often can’t communicate what we know to the people we choose to care about, because they don’t understand us. We find ourselves alienated from what many call ordinary people. To these “normies,” we are the crazy ones because we are different, we don’t conform to a society that no longer honors truth and integrity. It pays lip service to all the right ideas, but when it comes time to put up or shut its everyman for himself. Loyalty is just another illusion in a society built upon foundations of sand. This isn’t merely a critique of modern society, but historically as well.
All power structures follow similar patterns. Whether it be a social hierarchy, government, private institutions, and even religious foundations. Each creates adversarial roles among its constituents, ensuring that only the coldest and heartless among us ever rise to leadership roles. You have to be willing to crush the other fellow’s hopes and dreams so that you might realize your own, assuming that your dream is power. My goal has never been power. I dream only for love, acceptance, honesty, and peace every day and a place to hide away from the world with someone worthy of a love as strong as mine. Those of us that have found people difficult, those that are different, we are unique and very worthy of that place of refuge. There is a heart out there that yearns for each of us, for we are different because we were designed that way with purpose. Life is learning, and love is a journey, not merely a destination.

A Case for the Sovereign State


History is filled with empires that have risen and then fallen, usually through a gradual decline. These entities grew larger until governing them became a perilous endeavor. There are countless theories as to why such empires collapsed, but I believe it is due to a culture clash among the radically different populations intermingling and attempting to find common ground on which to agree. Some cultures are capable of assimilating rather well, but some are so wholly different from one another that it makes assimilation near impossible. Today, the clarion call of pop culture seems to be diversity. I submit this diversity is a term of little meaning. Diversity is great as long as everyone thinks similarly to those extolling its virtues from the hilltops.  In fact, this term is merely masking the autocrats among us that wish to instill one government among all nations, abolish religion, and to instruct the people’s of this earth on what to believe. Real diversity is in keeping our unique cultures and control over the destiny of our countries. Continue reading “A Case for the Sovereign State”


       Freedom means many different things to different people. A lot of people seem to think that freedom is the ability for people to do only the things that they agree with. Freedom means having the ability to make wrong choices as well as the right ones. It means you have the freedom to say what you want, without some government designated free speech zone. It means you can go where you want. It means if you want to do something that’s harmful only to you then you have that right. The false left-right paradigm’s idea of freedom is that you are free only as long as you agree with me.

       The erosion of freedom starts at a snails pace, and gradually picks up steam until you are living in chains. When you finally realize this, if you even do it will be too late to turn back the clock. They want to condition you to the idea of always being watched, always being listened to, and always being guilty until proven innocent. This is not the liberty that our founding fathers sought. I have no doubt our founding fathers, if they were here today would be calling for radical change within this country. The only thing radical about liberty is it breaks free from the control freaks that wish to micromanage the lives of their subjects. They believe we are their subjects. They are in fact our servants, and it’s time they learn that.

       Today, there are cameras everywhere. They tell you it is for your own safety. That’s always how tyranny starts, for the safety of the people. They can find ways to justify any intrusion into the lives of the masses, if they can make them constantly live in fear of an enemy of their own creation. Safety without freedom and the rights of the individual being protected, is not liberty, it is servitude. If people do not start standing up and speaking out, soon there will be no way to speak out because the state will control all speech. Dissension will not be tolerated. This is a Republic, where the rights of the individual are always protected from the will of a majority. They routinely call this country a democracy, and that’s a lie. In a democracy the mob rules, and  should mob say let this group be in chains then it will be so. A republic protects the rights of each and every individual against unfair treatment from a voting majority. I just had to clear the difference up, so the next time you hear that word you understand the difference.

       You hear the asinine argument that if you aren’t doing anything wrong then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about with the surveillance state. The government hides a lot of things and calls them classified, does that mean they are doing something wrong. If our government has the right to know everything about us, then shouldn’t the same right apply to us? The government wants to take away our guns, then we should take theirs away. The government needs to learn whose it’s master. It isn’t bankers, it is the people of this country. Without the people there would be no government.

       It is time my dear friends to let your voices be heard, before you have no voice to speak with. We can not cower in fear because someone wishes us harm, or because the government says there is a boogeyman out there. There is no amount of danger that is worth giving up the liberties that our founding fathers fought so hard for. The constitution is not a living document as the new yuppie crowd would have you believe. The constitution is there to protect the citizens from their government. Those in power know this and that is why they try and sometimes succeed each and every day in perverting its meaning. We must stand as Americans against the erosion of our rights!! They are our rights, unalienable, they cannot be taken away except by death!