Fairy Tales

The advent of social media has enabled us to stay in touch with our families, and share moments of our lives with those that care. It has been a helpful tool in keeping up with local events. It allows us to share content that we deem important to a large audience. Entire movements have been constructed just from the simple contacts generated by the membership. Continue reading “Fairy Tales”


Halloween is a tradition we have adopted here in the western hemisphere. As children, we would love to dress up as ghouls and patrol the neighborhoods for candy and mischief. That magical night we could pretend to be someone else, and seem almost transported to another dimension. It was filled with fun and exploration and the camaraderie of youth. When we grow up the natural inclination might be to throw away those masks. Continue reading “Masks”

Ode to the Self-Centers of the Universe

I sometimes have trouble sleeping and it’s not from lack of fatigue. Indeed, it is an abundance of fatigue, a fatigue of societal ills. This compels me at times, to write. Writing seems to be the one true refuge of an exacerbated mind.

A very good friend of mine and I have been discussing the complete apathetic nature of society. We have even discussed at times how that apathy can sometimes bleed over and into an otherwise honorable person. I can not claim to bear the cross of righteousness, but I can say that I do worry about a decaying of morals within myself as well as those around me. Continue reading “Ode to the Self-Centers of the Universe”

Musings of a fool

The character of many of my posts tends to highlight the negative aspects of whatever topic I’ve chosen for that day. I find that although outwardly I may appear somewhat negative, I am in fact a very honorable and decent person. I, for the most part, go out of my way to do the right thing when it comes to others. I’m quite happy to say that most of the time I succeed. Faith is important. I find it difficult to put a lot of faith in myself, but I’ve fortunately been blessed to never find it difficult to put faith in God. I’m most certainly a very fallible man, the same as every other human being on this earth. Continue reading “Musings of a fool”

The backwards thinking and policies of supposedly learned gentlemen.

This country was founded by people who understood the need for freedom. They knew the value of minding their own business. They escaped a tyrannical king that sought to impose his will upon them. They dared to stand against what was then the most powerful force on earth. They didn’t just give up, thinking that they would never win. They had faith in their cause, they put faith in something greater than themselves. They didn’t just put that faith in God, they put their faith in principles. They knew in their hearts and souls that they were on a solid foundation morally and factually and that they must try. You can’t deny your heart and soul, and still respect yourself afterward. It doesn’t matter the consequences, you should do what is right. Continue reading “The backwards thinking and policies of supposedly learned gentlemen.”

The Sea of Apathy

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned or I’ve just been cut from a different cloth. I like to think of myself as an independent thinker. I’m proud of having a mind of my own. I happily don’t follow the masses of seemingly mindless people that behave more like a herd of cattle. It’s groupthink to a mind-numbingly extreme degree. People, for the most part, don’t have principles of their own. They might espouse this or that to make themselves look good, but they follow the crowd instead of what they should at least know is right. Continue reading “The Sea of Apathy”

Heads in the sand.

Attention to details are important in life. People tend to only notice the things which they believe affect them, not realizing most of what happens around them will affect them in some way down the road. I love technology. It helps make life easier and allows us to engage in many more activities over the course of a day. People benefit from the use of these devices. Too many people, however, become consumed by their devices.

I have seen people walk into walls because they had their heads glued to their smartphones.  The other day I entered a service station and this woman had her head glued to her phone. I stood at the counter for a couple of minutes before she noticed that someone had entered the store. It is odd to me that people always have to supplement actual interaction with people for interaction with a device. I’m not the most personable guy in the world, and I’m not the greatest at making friends. It isn’t a surprise to me that people have difficulty interacting, when they spend ninety percent of their time texting or informing people of an upcoming bowel movement via online post.

I see people driving by my house, texting on their phones and not even watching the roads. Texts are more important to them, than the lives of others or themselves. I grew up old school, I suppose. I believe there is a time and a place for all things. Driving down the road isn’t one of them. Checking out at the store isn’t one of them either. It is fortuitous that we should have all of these movies and shows about zombies. If you pay attention you will see real life zombies every day. It disgusts me that people don’t take the time to interact with people. Everyone needs to unplug from time to time and smell the roses. Instead of living our lives in a box seeking the approval of others in a virtual world, we should go out in the real world and do the things we know are right and save social networking for our leisure time.



Preparing for life’s unforeseen difficulties can be a task. After all, if you can’t see it that makes it difficult to prepare for. Preparation is essential. Everything we do goes smoother if we prepare for the task beforehand. It would be silly to engage in activities with no prior knowledge of what we are supposed to be doing or how to do it. It could also be dangerous. It is also important to prepare for the security of our household’s  and families. This is what my article is about.

If you want to have a secure house, then prepared for what to do in an emergency is key. It is also important to be prepared with items to aid in the security of your home. I recommend security cameras, motion activated, with a view of the entire property, all possible approaches. Weatherproof and capable of day-night recording. While it’s nice to have people know you have cameras it might be a good idea to make them less visible, or put some very visible dummy cameras up to distract them from the real cameras. Why hire a security company to secure your home? I submit that no one cares more about the safety of your family than you do. If something happens, you are the first responder not the security company or the police in most cases.

I also believe it’s essential to have weapons to defend your home with. I realize not everyone is comfortable with firearms or their operation. I assure you when they are in the hands of someone trying to kill you, you will be even less comfortable with their operation. You can of course go with something non-lethal. However, when it comes to the safety of your family you want to make sure they are safe. Preparation for occurrences like this aren’t paranoid, they are just prudent. It is highly likely that you will never have to use a firearm in defense of your family. Indeed, I hope that you don’t  have to, and that I don’t either. It is negligent to not be prepared for circumstances such as this.  Just as you would prepare for a tornado if you live in Tornado alley you must prepare for possible home invasions.

It is unlikely that you will struck by a tornado, and its unlikely your home will be invaded by criminals. It never happens until it does, and the diligent individual that cares for the safety of their family must be prepared for as many eventualities as possible. It is reckless only if you aren’t prepared. You should be practiced in firearms if you intend to own one. If you can’t hit what you are shooting at you become a danger, and the firearm is useless. Practice is the key to success with all things. You must know how to maintain any firearm you own, and be familiar with all the different ammunition it can fire. You must be skilled in the operation of your security cameras and have a good early warning system set up. We all want to keep our families safe. Many of you want to rely on someone else to do that for you, and you hear about people like that all the time. It rarely works out well for them.  There isn’t a person on this earth that cares more about the security of your family and property more than you do. Take charge of your life and prepare to defend those you love. Outside sources of help can’t help you when you are being assaulted by wanton criminals, you are the first line of defense!



Egocentricism: Belief in something greater than the self.


People have become very focused on their own lives and agendas these days. There is nothing wrong with having concern for one’s own well being. We shouldn’t become so blinded by our own desires and problems that we lose sight of the fact that others suffer as we do, and some even more so. People say that no one cares about what happens to me, so why should I care? We should care about humanity as a whole. We should care about the well being of others. If we have room in our hearts for more than our own problems and heartaches, then we grow as a human being. It is also possible that if we have less apathy and more principled living in our lives, the culture of humanity can change as a whole. 

There are greater things than just our own lives. The wonders of nature and the universe abound. I’m not going to endorse religion, as I have no wish to alienate anyone. If you look at the universe from afar it appears as a circulatory system. Every form of life on this earth can be reduced to an equation. It seems as if some grand designer was behind it.  Our lives are over in a flash, we aren’t even a blip on the radar of time. It would be nice if when we said goodbye to this earth, that we could at least be remembered for more than he or she was hard-working and loved their family. That we could be remembered for loving our fellow man and making a difference in someone’s life that we didn’t have to make. If we enriched the life of a stranger for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

I’m not talking about making grand gestures so you can get adulation from the public. I’m talking about truly selfless acts of kindness. It detracts from the act if your only motivation for doing it is because others will notice how good you wish them to believe you are. We must make decisions from the heart and supplant our egos. We must also be truly passionate about the direction our countries, and our cultures are heading. If we just set back and allow others to decide our fate without so much as a word, then can we truly be surprised when we wallow in misery as a result of their decisions.  It is not enough to vote for this person or that person. We must make our feelings known far and wide. It is only by sharing ideas and being passionate about the changes we wish to see that we will ever realize any of these changes in our lives and the lives of others.

I’m tired of a self-centered society. A society of decadence and self-indulgence will only lead to chaos and collapse . This apathy for anything that doesn’t involve a person directly has to stop. We are all connected whether we choose to believe it or not. It is true. Every action we take or choose not to take either directly or indirectly affects the lives of others. We must take the time to consider our decisions and not allow pride or self-absorption to cloud our judgement. If you truly look within your heart you know what is right. The answer is within each and every one of us if we would only look. We must take the time to slow down from time to time and consider the world around us. Find some solitude and contemplate the truly important things in life. The most important thing of all in my opinion is personal growth and learning. We only grow by appreciating others and understanding that life is a journey. We are all on this trip together, and there is no need to make it harder for our fellow man.






It has been an immense time of change in the world. You find out so much information every day about technologies on the horizon; dangerous, violent developments and their possible impact on the United States. The world is constantly changing and it’s difficult to predict what direction it will go next. It is difficult to hear good news now days that is meaningful for the country as a whole. Sure, people are all caught up in their favorite sports team and for them that is a meaningful part of their lives. I think much of it relates to cognitive dissonance, but also people tend to lean on a normalcy bias that won’t allow them to perceive reality.

These two factors are but two examples of why we continue to elect politicians that disregard the will of the people. They take liberties with their position that isn’t theirs to take, and take liberties away from the citizenry that they have no right to take. Generally, the people continue to operate oblivious to their own predicament or they feel powerless to do anything about. Unity among principles, such as honesty, integrity, and common sense approaches should be enough to unite the people to proactively make changes to our government. The government may appear divided when you watch the evening news, but it’s a dog and pony show for you. They believe the American public will always be in the dark, that we aren’t knowledgeable enough to govern ourselves. (Lasky, 2014)

Each of should decide whether we want to morally responsible for future generations, or join with the politicians and professional bribers that wish to sell out our children’s futures. We should stand for fiscal responsibility, our government debt is well over 17 trillion dollars. Unfunded liabilities are over 121 trillion dollars. Out total national assets equal 111 trillion dollars.(Usdebtclock.org, 2014) Its quite clear that we have much more that just the 17 trillion, we have a slowed growth and what unfortunately drives our economy as much as actual growth are projections of it. As you can imagine, when we fail to live up to expectations, this causes the economy even more stress. We have to tighten the government’s wallet and stop our country from continuing on a path we can’t hope to successfully maintain.


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