A Case for the Sovereign State


History is filled with empires that have risen and then fallen, usually through a gradual decline. These entities grew larger until governing them became a perilous endeavor. There are countless theories as to why such empires collapsed, but I believe it is due to a culture clash among the radically different populations intermingling and attempting to find common ground on which to agree. Some cultures are capable of assimilating rather well, but some are so wholly different from one another that it makes assimilation near impossible. Today, the clarion call of pop culture seems to be diversity. I submit this diversity is a term of little meaning. Diversity is great as long as everyone thinks similarly to those extolling its virtues from the hilltops.  In fact, this term is merely masking the autocrats among us that wish to instill one government among all nations, abolish religion, and to instruct the people’s of this earth on what to believe. Real diversity is in keeping our unique cultures and control over the destiny of our countries.

The traditions of all the beautiful cultures around the world should be celebrated by their unique peoples. Without the distinct societies that developed across our world, we would not have such wonders as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, or the Mayan Temples. If we were all uniform and all thought alike, civilization would have developed in a particular way. We would not have been able to look back on our past and marvel at the ingenuity of ancient peoples like we do today. Because of their differences, and indeed ours, they developed their civilizations in unique ways, with each group contributing very different but equally essential additions to human history and advancement.

Today, there are outcries for diversification of everything. The same geniuses that plea for this at the same time argue for a one-world government.  These two ideas couldn’t be anymore incompatible. If we were to create a one world government, yes many would assimilate. A significant portion, however, would not and their cultures would clash with the ruling body.  After all, who wants to be controlled by some distant figure who has entirely no idea what real life is like where you are? The same people that support these two incongruent ideas would like to make us less diverse and recreate us in their image of what a human being should aspire to be. Therefore, if they accomplish this so-called goal of diversity, we will be less diverse and more controlled than peoples were under ancient feudal lords.

Also, I believe that should we all reach this poorly thought out utopia, then innovation and human creativity will be stifled. Should all think alike, then who will come up with genuinely innovative “new” ideas? In this dystopian future that they have planned for us its hard to imagine anyone being brave enough to hazard a thought outside the mainstream. This is a future where even thoughts are controlled to a degree. If one need’s examples of this just watch the evening news, even now seemingly harmless words are being policed by those with adolescent minds.

We need to keep our nation’s sovereign. It is our differences that have driven innovation throughout human history. The uniqueness of our cultures is a gift that should be celebrated and never discarded for some utopian future that can only ever materialize in the fantasies of petulant children. We can work together as independent nations and should do so with respect for the beliefs of our distinct cultures. When you hear the word diversity take care because in this modern age it almost always a code for control. The only path that ensures diversity exists and thrives for millennia to come is to keep our diverse nations independent and to have pride in the differences that make us strong and wonderfully original independent and separate countries.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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