Spiritu in Desertum

Many of us at one time or another feel as if we lack something essential in our lives. Sadly, many spend their entire lives looking to fill a void that they perceive exists within themselves. They do this in a variety of ways, some seeking solace in illicit substances and others looking for someone to rescue them from themselves. We have the solution to this desolation within ourselves, but it often seems more comfortable to go looking outside ourselves.

A lack of purpose causes the void that appears to exist within the recesses of our souls. It is not merely a purpose that we need, but a meaningful purpose that makes a difference in the lives of others. I’m not talking about the mundane tasks that we all perform each day out of habit or a sense of duty. These are of course necessary, but they are particularly uninspiring and often accomplished with little thought of the effects on the lives of others. It is vital that we journey from within the safe confines of routine and sincerely do something altruistic.

Comfort is the enemy of growth. If we are to grow into fulfilled and satisfied human beings, we must think of others instead of our selfish desires. Selfishness leads us on this quest to fill the destitute wasteland inside. Strangely though as is the apparent nature of the universe these pretentious journeys of self-indulgence only serve to deepen the chasm of our despair.  It is comfortable and easy to say it’s a dog eat dog world, and to hell with the other fellow. The easy path, however, is almost never the righteous path. Growth requires being courageous and stepping outside one’s comfort zone, for it’s never easy to give of oneself. The world has become such, that we always expect to receive some form of payment for every action we take in the service of others, whether that be monies or adulation.

Pure altruism is helping others and not expecting anything in return and not accepting it.  That is the only way it can be done from a position of righteousness and the only way the benevolent gesture will enrich our own lives and the souls of those we help. We see the adverse of this in business leaders and our politicians. They create charitable organizations donate a pittance so they can receive positive adulation from those of us they wish to fleece. Horrifically they often take the bulk of the donations received and head to the bank while still being portrayed positively to the public. Genuinely helping others does not require such grandstanding, because the reward is in the heartfelt choice to lend a helping hand.

I would implore you to not look without for your salvation but to look within yourselves. Self-examination can be painful for some, but if we truly want to feel complete, then that is the path forward. If the world hasn’t scarred your heart too severely, then you will know from this soul-searching that to heal one’s self, we must sincerely seek to improve and bless the lives of others. We are constructed from the same celestial matter, but on a deeper level, our essence is of divine construction. To succeed in life is not to be the most powerful or the wealthiest but to be able to end one’s existence knowing you left the world a better place than when you arrived.

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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