Sentence Suspended

I’m sure everyone that has surveyed their local paper has come across the court sentencing section if that is published in your area. What you see there might shock you. One will likely see people sentenced with mostly drug offenses and notice that the entire term is suspended. The police have nothing to do with choosing these punishments, but they are enablers just as a person that watches someone they know consumed by their demons. It is much more lucrative for our “justice” system to put offenders such as these back out on the street. They know they will create more addicts, and add more money to their country club fund.

The police work for these city and county officials. Their role as upstanding peace officers has been corrupted by those wishing to line their pockets. The laws we have on the books dealing with civil asset forfeiture are merely a bone tossed to needy departments to make them compliant. They can take anyone’s money at any time simply because that person possesses more of it than they do.  It sounds a lot like communism, and I think Karl Marx would be proud. It then falls on that person instead of the police to prove they are not a criminal, for them to have any hope of reclaiming it. Whether the officers know it or not, they are enforcers for nothing more than greying gangsters that lack the intestinal fortitude to go out and do it themselves.  Until we refuse to accept being used as pawns by those fortunate enough to steal in large amounts, our justice system will be diseased and function only when it benefits the privileged class.

This privileged class is nothing more than reprobate criminals. Their malefaction propelled them to a position of prominence. This is why Lady Justice is without honor. Honor can’t exist in a system ran by those devoid of it. The poor in these communities ruled in this way feed upon their own, while not being aware that mostly the rich are in fact the primary welfare recipients. (The caveats being real entrepreneurs and geniuses that built themselves from the ground up without theft.) They are arrested and charged, fined, and released until their court date. If they are unable to pay this fine, then it is hoped that the money can be extorted out of their loved ones. They are left to rot in jail until a court date or someone comes forward to pay their fines. This is, in reality, a debtors prison which is in fact illegal. There is no oversight, however, because when everyone is a criminal no one cares until someone steps into their pie.

This brings me to drug epidemics. Meth is currently rampant in my area. These people are arrested and released, go to their hearing given a sentence they’ll never serve, because it always suspended. In this way, it is the perfect business model. They know these people have addictions and will re-offend thus they will have a constant source of extra income. The problem for the community is that these people introduce the drug to others who also become similarly afflicted and they contribute to the coffers. If you look into this to any degree, you can only reach one conclusion. It is all about the money, and the welfare of the peasantry is of little importance to the pompous haut monde.

The solution to this is the same as any other business model. Should the police refuse to play the role of enforcers for these self-important mobsters, then they might get fired, but they also might help to ignite a new renaissance of morality. If we refuse to vote these ignorant inbred windbags into office and allow natural selection to take its course, we will soon be rid of them. They can only survive on the scraps of others; they live as mongrels scavenging on the souls of our community. They wish to enrich themselves at the expense of anyone that is perceived lesser in their dull bovine eyes. They are the parasites, and we are what they feed upon. If we want a better country, it has to start at the local level, with these “high class” criminals. Let’s change our communities to be one that focuses on real changes. A change that focuses on actual justice and that betters the community as a whole!

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Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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