An Absence of Merit

Early in life one is instructed in the ways of the world, or so it seems. We are told that the right man/woman for the job will always be chosen by their specific qualifications. The instruction we receive also stresses the importance of a proper education so we can better compete in the fickle job market. So we slave away sure that all of our hard work will pay off in the end. Once we encounter the true nature of the world, we discover it is far less discerning than we’ve been told. In fact, that life is far less evolved and much more petty.

Whether we are dealing with the job market in a small town or a burgeoning metropolis, the visceral reality becomes readily apparent in short order. All our studies come to naught unless we know the right people or have the proper last name. Often people who are wholly unqualified for positions of prominence are chosen only because of who they are or whom they know. This is why the inefficiencies we see in bureaucracies are even more painful to endure than they otherwise would be. This is why organizations that seek to micromanage their employees always do more harm than good. People have been placed in influential positions to manage others when its readily apparent they can not even control themselves. These chosen ones if you will have been handed everything in life and thus don’t understand the value of being a successful and accomplished individual. However, in their hubris they imagine themselves to be quite the opposite, and thus by a value placed upon themselves, that exists only in their fantasies and poorly developed imaginations of their benefactors they continue to thrive in positions for which they are unsuited.

Merit should be the only qualifying factor for employment. Whether that merit is education or skill based is irrelevant. We see this lack of qualification in this nation’s congressional “leaders.” They are fundamentally good ole boys from some town where from birth everyone is told that they are important. This status quo stifles entrepreneurship. It strangles entire communities. We can be told all day long we are run by our betters. They might not use those words, but let’s be realistic here that is exactly what they would have you believe.  The truth is we are run by nothing more than blithering idiots who are not worthy of eating the crusts from the soles of our shoes. These old families so intent on proving their superiority are inbred perhaps hundreds of times over the generations producing vile creatures with an intellect slightly higher than that of a housecat. They gain the upper hand not by intellect but by the ferocity of a puerile mind always sure of itself.

If we want to improve our world, then we must abandon our self-imposed shackles and start putting people of intellect in essential positions. The only power these animated fecal matters have is the power we give them. They are weak and powerless as they have always been. That’s why they have forever had to seek the favor of others to exert their infantile control. We as smart and independently minded people control our destiny. We can change the world to one that runs on common sense, and a world where our rulers are no longer inane creatures with no direction and no purpose.  We can make it a merit-based system that rewards real accomplishments and not the obstinate one that only rewards a lineage or how well one can kiss the posteriors of others.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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