Early on in life, a person looks at everything as if it’s new and unique to that individual.The person grows older and begins to notice the patterns of events and people they have met along the way. Things no longer appear new but have a slightly different hue and perhaps in the case of people character aberrations. It is not only the personalities of various characters in life that appear to be facsimiles of those we’ve interacted with before. You begin to notice that even the appearance of people doesn’t vary much from what seems maybe hundreds of templates. It makes sense then if personality and appearance only evolve to the point where one witnesses approximations of that they have viewed before that history would also exhibit this abnormality.

It’s why you’ll often hear the old timers say that they’ve seen it all before. Unless they have lived their lives as a hermit, they have witnessed all the variations of human depravity and human benevolence. You’ve most likely heard the phrase ‘history repeats itself’. Empires rise and fall for all the same reasons over and over again. It’s not because we are incapable of learning from history. These templates I spoke of each come equipped with decision-making processes that mesh with the character flaws of their previous versions. I don’t talk of reincarnation as the far-easterners believe. I speak of it in the sense that nature only has so many variants to produce, and thus no one is genuinely unique, and everything that we conceive or do has been done before.

I don’t wish to discourage anyone. It does seem that we as human beings are predisposed to particular decisions of either good or evil. I do not believe that our story has been written. We do have free will, and we can occasionally break away from our predispositions. The easy way to explain these predilections is to look at human romantic entanglements. We might ask ourselves why someone continually winds up with those that abuse them either physically or mentally. They know its wrong and uncomfortable which is why they left the first person that did them that way.  But something intangible inside them leads them to seek out a similar person and the process repeats. If you have lived very long, you know that occasionally someone can break the cycle. The vast majority of these people never break this merry-go-round of hell.

Combined human history is much the same. Humans travel down the well-trodden road, that leads to both desirable and horrific destinations. It is critical to sit down and think about the patterns of our lives. If we find ourselves pulled by some ethereal force toward that which we have done before, we will do well to analyze the repercussions of these often aphotic pulls. We need to use our reason and logic to examine these personality quirks that often leads we, humans, astray. There is nothing new in the world, and we should study history so we may know the future. People do not change. We are all built from the molds that were made perhaps millions of years ago. So don’t give up and never believe that your story is written because we are our authors. We write the future, and we must learn from the past so that we may guard against the mistakes that we as humankind are prone.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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