Fairy Tales

The advent of social media has enabled us to stay in touch with our families, and share moments of our lives with those that care. It has been a helpful tool in keeping up with local events. It allows us to share content that we deem important to a large audience. Entire movements have been constructed just from the simple contacts generated by the membership.

The dark side of social media is prevalent. Entire lives have been turned upside down by the ease in which busybodies can pry into your life. Marriages have been dissolved by affairs that have occurred simply by the ease in which people can communicate. You might say no great loss if a marriage can be dissolved so easily, and you would be partly right. The collective consciousness that social media has helped to create has made things that should be important seem frivolous to weak-minded individuals. Yes that marriage wasn’t that important in the first place for them to throw it away so easily, but it is a symptom of a greater problem with society.

Social media has become a platform for children masquerading as adults to tell their lies and receive pats on the back by the rest of the cesspool inhabiting neanderthals. The large majority of these people only follow the crowd. Humans seem to be herd animals, though I have never been. I don’t understand the herd instinct that these clearly less evolved members of society exhibit. Thus, I’m one person that almost no one understands either. They simply only care for self-gratification and damn anyone that might try to point them towards a more noble existence.

The world will end one day and these self-serving cretins loyal to the herd instinct that hasn’t been bred out of them; will find themselves the first to be rounded up and shot or vaporized huddled in their inbred masses. That is callous, and it is also the hard truth. Values can’t be taught to selfish organisms that only seek self-gratification. Our ancestors would be horrified by the degenerate society that now exists on this earth. There can be only one conclusion to such debauchery and that is an annihilation of a lot of guilty people, and sadly some of the ones that still believe in right and wrong. All great empires fall, and when they do it is never a pleasant experience.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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