In the history of the world one thing has brought down nations and empires more than any other single factor. Corruption is like a disease that spreads from one sector of society to another. It starts at the bottom and works its way up. The central government in Washington, D.C is a reflection of the local governments, and the local governments are in turn a reflection of the people they serve. I’m not a member of the state or national government, but I see this dishonesty everyday in my fellow citizens. I continually see the dishonest get ahead and succeed where the honest man or woman fail.

Lying to get ahead has become the norm. Integrity has become something you read about in books, but rarely hear about in real life. Characters are manufactured from lies and people get ahead in many cases by the hard work of someone else. The small businessman, by all accounts a hardworking and well deserving entrepreneur is often ran out of business by monopolies that in a free market aren’t supposed to exist. Large companies get a pass on taxes, such as the Healthcare tax, simply because they can afford to grease the palms of politicians. Taxes such as these kill the small businessman.

People routinely lie to the government to get free handouts. I say “free”, but they aren’t free, every dime comes from someone else. People that are really trying and struggling to get by aren’t allowed to get the help they need simply because they aren’t willing to lie. Meanwhile, these people that receive these handouts drive brand new cars, have all the latest gadgets, and live better than the average full time worker. They feel entitled to nurse on the government’s tit. It seems that most of them don’t make an effort to get off of welfare. The government is just as guilty as these lying and manipulative folks, because they use this handout to buy votes. There are many people that do need these handouts to help feed their families. Sadly, many of the honest folks out there aren’t allowed to receive any assistance. While the cold and heartless among us afford a lifestyle that they don’t deserve, by claiming disability or an inability to find a job. Jobs even in this economy are relatively easy to find, granted, there aren’t a lot of great jobs out there, but they aren’t nonexistent.

You only have to look to our southern border to the country beyond to see what corruption does to a country. We aren’t far behind them, and if the people of this country continue to have no moral compass then we will be third world. I don’t believe that most of America realizes how close to the precipice we are. If we fall off, it will be hard landing and many will not survive. They have no conception of what true hardship really is. These people will react violently in a collapse situation. People that have faced hardship, and know how to survive on the basics will make do, but those that always have to depend on someone else’s accomplishments will be left out in the cold. A corrupt society kills itself from the inside out, and a society with no morals that feels entitled is a poor survivor in truly hard times. I fear for my country. I fear mostly for those people with their heads permanently buried in the sand. Get involved, and start calling these local leaders out on their corruption and hopefully we can make a difference from the ground up.

Author: James Borden

I'm a veteran of the U.S Army, with one deployment to Afghanistan. I will not pull punches in my articles and what you see is what you get.

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